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  1. I will turn off fast startup next week if I continue to have issues. Thanks again.
  2. Porthos. Thanks for the assistance. I ran the tool again and did not install to a non default directory where Mbam has been for many years. I accepted the default and I was able to scan successfully. I regularly scan once a week before backing up my system so I'll see what happens next Saturday when I scan again. Thanks for the quick assistance.
  3. After the windows 10 update on 07/16/20 Mbam does not start. The hourglass spins for a second and then stops. Mbam does not start. Downloaded and ran Malwarebytes Repair Toll and still no start. Im running Win 10 1909 - 18363-959 and Malwarebytes Free. Any assistance appreciated. mbst-grab-results-2020-06-18T06.01.16.zip
  4. How about creating a MBAM Live CD so that when a pc becomes unbootable due to a virus, one could boot from the Live CD and run Mbam to rid the hard disk of problems.
  5. Just installed MB V1.38 on Win Vista Bus 64. Ran updates and then scanned system successfully. Then right-clicked on a file to scan just that file and I don't get the option to scan with MB? Is this a bug?
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