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  1. The computers have been removed from all AD OU groups. The feature in the console still does not work. I will not delete and re-add OU groups every-time I have just 1 computer to delete. It would be nice if a right click delete function could be programmed in the console to delete computers. This could not be that hard to fix.
  2. This is an issue that really needs to be fixed. Your solution does not make sense.
  3. I would do if the feature worked which it does not. I set it one day, and waited four days and they did not drop off.
  4. I know this has been asked before, but if you have clients in the console left over, no longer valid, hard drive crashed. How do you remove them. The feature to remove automatically does not work.
  5. Installed MEE version All went without any error. Installed with using embedded data base. When I run the backup and restore utility and select location and click next I get error Cannot Open SCMGMTSVC Service on computer. This service is running alreay. Does anyone else have this problem and how to fix it. Thanks.
  6. When you schedule a scan in the policy for client computers, do the client computers check for updates before the scan. If it does is there a way to disable checking for updates before scan. Thank you.
  7. After installing version I noticed that the program would not detect 100% of our Active Directory Computer OU's. On investigation and e-mails with technical support, I was advised to install the prior version because the latest has a bug in the detection process. I could not install the prior version because I choose to go with an external database and was not compatible. So I re-installed the newest version and will live with the bug until they fix it. I was also told there was one other user having the same problem. Has anyone else had a problem with the detection of their AD Computer OU's
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