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  1. The search bar in Firefox (the one to the right of the address bar) automatically uses google.com and googling something through there gave me multiple malware warnings: - ip.google.com - googleadservices - doubleclick - adservice.google.com I've got NoScript, so no idea why these ones were even loading. Now, 5 minutes later, googling the same thing doesn't display anything anymore.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I ended up re-installing Malwarebytes, which completely fixed it. Unfortunately the problem's back, this time it's the web protection: It turns off on its own, about 30 seconds later Malwarebytes crashes and I have to restart it manually - I haven't waited long enough to see if it eventually restarts on its own yet. This has happened two times in the last 10 minutes already. I'm going to try the repair AdvancedSetup suggested now.
  3. It didn't crash for me yesterday but today it did 3 times already in less than 30 minutes. I guess I'll really have to reinstall it. Btw, the scans didn't come up with anything apart from the usual tracking cookies (in Spybot).
  4. I've got the same problem (Win 7 64bit, Malwarebytes 3.6.1): Yesterday, about 1 minute after starting up my PC, the "real time protection disabled" message popped up, then Malwarebytes crashed. I then had to restart it. Today the same thing happened about 5 minutes after starting my PC (I was already using it at that point): Message popped up, then it crashed but it restarted itself before I got the chance to do it. I'm currently running a scan (auto-scans every day are enabled and no problems lately with that!) and also a second one with Spybot just to be safe but neither has f
  5. Do you still need the logs, even though the problem's fixed for me atm? Sorry but I don't want to post stuff like that publicly. Btw, I used an older version of the mbam-clean tool @Porthos mentioned to uninstall Malwarebytes.
  6. Before I shut off my PC 12 hours ago (Win 7 64bit, 3.3.1) everything was fine, after starting it again a little bit more than 2 hours ago I had the same problem: Web-protection would start for a second (and say "starting"), then shut itself off again and give me the message. Closing Malwarebytes, then restarting it as an admin and enabling "self-protection module early start" (mentioned here) didn't fix it and a scan only found an old .exe for VLC that's supposedly a bundle installer. After a couple of restarts I reinstalled Mbam and for now web-protection seems to be active again.
  7. Ah, I found a bunch of ".json" files in "ScanResults", thanks. Are there no .txt files anymore or do I have to enable a setting for that? I didn't find "Don't export log information" (MB3) and there's only a separate "Export" button when I open the log through MB. I've never had a virus/trojan/... on this PC (at least none that I noticed or got detected), so that's really weird. Thanks for the infos, I hope that with MB's self protection setting enabled Norton won't be able to create any more files like that (must have happened a while ago because of the 32bit version). I just found a bunc
  8. The other 2 files had been created earlier too and only got detected on April 4th, while the third and last file (00015723.tmp) wasn't detected until yesterday. Do you think that it could have been an actual trojan after all (didn't get any symptoms or noticed anything weird and Malwarebytes never found anything until April 4th)? In what folder do the logs get saved (no "logs" folder in "Roaming" and "Program Files" and the latest logs are missing in "ProgramData")? Is it possible to have Malwarebytes store them longer than just one month?
  9. Update: I didn't completely delete the last .tmp file (forgot to empty the bin) and today Malwarebytes detected it as another Trojan.Agent.ENM (sorry, not "EMN"), even though it hadn't before.
  10. Thanks and thanks again for the good news!
  11. Pew, glad to hear that! I wonder why Norton hasn't fixed this and why both programs even detect these files as nasty stuff. There's still one more .tmp file left in the folder, should I delete it anyway?
  12. Hi, after Malwarebytes (Premium, latest version) detected a PuP today, I started a full scan of my C: drive during which two files were found: 00015723.tmp 00023946.tmp Both were classed as Trojan.Agent.EMN and they were in my old "Program Files(x86)\Malwarebytes" folder - currently Malwarebytes is installed in the 64bit "Program Files" folder. A couple of minutes later, while the original scan was still running, a Norton window (yes, I use both because they each detect different kinds of nasty stuff) suddenly popped up, saying that it was working on removing a Trojan.
  13. This post was originally an answer to this thread by Sreyness but I can't edit the post anymore. Could you please move it to the "Website Blocking" subforum? Thanks!
  14. I'm experiencing the same problem: Whenever I try to visit uploaded.net, it blocks This problem started occuring just a couple of days ago. I've been using uploaded for years to share files with friends (haven't got a premium account at the moment, so can't write their support, sorry) and I've never had any problems with it, so to me it looks like the situation with wikipedia not too long ago.
  15. Are you possibly using Firefox and the tiles for quickly accessing websites through the "New Tab" tab? If so, that's the "problem". As long as there is a "New Tab" tab open and you move your mouse cursor over Wikipedia tile, the message will pop up (only on the first try though) - I guess that's because of the preview image. For me it even does it sometimes while I'm currently browing a different website in the same Firefox window but move the cursor over where my Wikipedia tile would be. If you're using a different browser, it's still possible that any of the "quick access"/bookmark
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