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  1. Hello Nathan, I can verify that the issue is fixed... Thanks!
  2. Hello, I see you have the NOD32 version of ekrn.exe. If you need it, attached you will find the ESS version of ekrn.exe. I will get the program data files for MBARW later today when I reinstall MBARW. Please let me know if you still need them. (I realize that fixing the false positive for NOD32 may have also fixed it for ESS but wanted to be sure you do not still need more information from me) ekrn.7z
  3. Hello, Just to add... I get the same false positive except with ESET Smart Security 9.0.349.14 (64-bit) on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.63). C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Smart Security\ekrn.exeMBARW tried to quarantine the file but the ESS self-protection module blocked it as the file did not show up in the MBARW quarantine. The MBARW service started using about 25 % CPU. The only way to stop this was to add the ESS file to the MBARW exclusion list and reboot. After this, the MBARW CPU usage went back down. On a side note: On a reboot, MBARW appears both in the system
  4. Hello Pedro, I can confirm that the issue with Chrome 64 bit on Windows 10 64 bit is indeed now fixed on my system. Kudos to both you and Kaine!
  5. Hello, I just wanted to verify and add that I am having the the exact same issue as stated by the OP with MBAE The initial tab when opening Chrome just stays in the always opening state, with the Kill/Wait window popping up eventually, Clicking "Kill" does nothing. I can open other tabs but they will not let you navigate to any web pages, basically the newly opened tabs will do nothing. The original tab never fully loads. I am on the most recent version of both Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (Version 1511 - OS Build 10586.36) and Chrome Dev Channel 64 bit (49.0.2612.0 dev-m (64-bit)). T
  6. Hello bluenorse00, Maybe the thread Frequently Asked Questions, specifically # 24 - How do I protect programs running within Sandboxie?, will answer your questions... There is also the thread - Is there a way to make SBIE x4 and MBAE compatible, which may provide you with answers. HTH...
  7. Hello Pedro, No, I did not. The issue just reappeared after a week of working fine. The reboot fixed the issue for whatever reason without disabling the RET-ROP techniques that you mentioned. Since the Windows 1511 update, I have had this issue twice and both times it seems a reboot fixes it without disabling those techniques.
  8. Hello Pedro, The issue appeared out of the blue again today. When it happened, I decided to reboot my system to see if that had any effect. After the reboot, the issue was gone and all was working as it should. I do not know if this helps you but thought I would mention it just in case.
  9. Hello Pedro, Thanks for the reply. If I encounter these issues again, I will let you know. All has been problem free for the last 2 days.
  10. Hello Pedro, Update: The issues I reported persisted for 3 days, however, upon booting my system this morning, all is now working as previously. I can launch all three mentioned browsers successfully without any issues. The only things that have been done on the affected systems was running disk cleanup to remove the ~ 14 GB of files related to installing the 1511 update, doing a defrag, and then making an image (backup) of the new system. The issues have just disappeared and all is once again working well. I have no clue as to what has changed and why the issues no longer exist. I see no
  11. Hello Pedro, Thanks for the prompt reply... I will get the FRST logs to you sometime over the weekend (probably by attaching to a PM with reference to this thread). I just finished getting my systems updated to the new Windows 10 build but still have to optimize the systems and create new system image backups before I do anything else. As soon as I finish those tasks, I will get those logs created and sent to you.
  12. Hello, I just updated to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.3) and cannot launch any browser. When launching Chrome, I get the following message: When launching Edge, I get the following message: When launching IE11, I do not get any message from MBAE, but IE11 will not launch. The only thing that was changed on my system was the OS upgrade. All was working fine with the previous Windows version. I did try uninstalling MBAE and deleting the program data folder, followed by a reboot and a fresh install of MBAE but the issues remain. Attached you will find my MBAE logs. Thank
  13. Hello tony321, The last beta version is the same as stable released version If you have this version installed, there is no need to update. HTH...
  14. Thanks Pedro... It seems that fixed it. I wonder why I do not get an alert for this as it seems that others that are having issues with the ROP-RET mitigation are getting an alert with other applications. It must be something specific with ClipMate.
  15. Hello Pedro, I have a program that I use called ClipMate that I have always shielded with the "MS Office" template since custom shields have been available in MBAE. ClipMate has always ran fine being shielded by MBAE until version 1.08. ClipMate hangs when launching and consumes 60 % to 95 % CPU and never fully launches. I have to use task manager to manually kill the ClipMate process. I have always used the "MS Office" template with ClipMate and have also now tried the "Other" template with the same results. For the time being I have been forced to disable the shield for ClipMate as I canno
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