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  1. Well, the laptop was stolen yesterday. If I get it back I will be back. If not, then thanks for the help.
  2. Covenant Eyes is a program that tracks what sites I visit and then sends them out to people I select. It is a way of helping me guard my eyes from viewing pornography.
  3. The 'list restore points' was not an option to tick. The log is attached. Result.txt
  4. I have run everything and the logs are below. The one with (2) is the most recent log.I have tried video on youtube and it still won't play quite right. Though it has done a little better - emphasis on a little. Also downloading things is still an issue. _Windows_Repair_Log (2).txt _Windows_Repair_Log.txt
  5. I downloaded the Adobe Reader on my machine and of coarse it gave an error when trying to run. So I downloaded it on my wife's machine and moved it over. When I run it now nothing happens. It asks if I am sure if I want to run it and then...nothing. So that didn't get fixed. My flash player is up to date. I ran the Services Repair and the log is having trouble attaching. So I had to open the file and click on save as and save it as the same file name but a different location. I ran FSS and the log is attached. It updated and then wouldn't run saying it wasn't a Win32 application.
  6. The upload screen looked different last time. This should do it. Also I had issues running the SecurityCheck software after downloading it on my machine and a restart didn't fix it. There was a message about the file being corrupted or something like that. I had to use my wife's computer to download. checkup.txt
  7. Here is the log. I feel my computer should be running well but the video issue and some other small things are still persistent. If it isn't malware, do you have any suggestions of places I might go on the web to figure these issues out? By the way, thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.
  8. Here is the script error. Hopefully it is bigger. Also the downloads failing is troubling. It doesn't appear to be malware according to your last post. I tried watching video on YouTube and it worked for about 30 seconds and then it freezes and won't play even though it has loaded. I am very curious as to what is causing this.
  9. I ran both programs and the logs are attached. I had to download them both to my wife's computer because Cureit wouldn't run after I downloaded from my machine. Also, I had to run Rogue Killer twice because the first time it didn't save the report automatically. Instead I figured out I had to click on the report button. RKreport_SCN_07012014_004344.log cureit.log
  10. I ran the combo fix. The log is attached. It said that Norton 360 was active but I know it wasn't. I tried to turn it off even more but when I clicked ok it said that Norton was still running and that it would go ahead and that I have been warned. It doesn't appear anything drastic happened though. So that is good. As for the ESET virus scan I had issues. I went there and it did exactly as you said it would until I clicked install the active x and it gave an error message of sorts. That is attached below. After hitting retry, noting happened for some time. Also the script error is
  11. The file uploader is back to normal. Here is the Adware log and picture of the script error (present before combofix). AdwCleanerS0.txt
  12. Here is another file. I am not sure why the file uploader has changed. Fixlog.txt
  13. Ok so I have done this. I had to use my wife's computer to download Combofix as my computer's download wouldn't run. I also forgot to mention something. There is a script error that keeps showing up. It shows up even when I am not running a browser or surfing the net. I have included a picture of it. Also, below it will only allow me to upload 2 files so I will reply with one more message with two attachments. ComboFix.txt
  14. Here are the logs. I ran the scan and the fix. When I run the fix I get a message from a program - Covenant Eyes (a program that monitors all my internet sites visited and runs in the background) - telling me it has been deleted and re-installed automatically and that the computer will restart in 30 seconds. It did this the first time I ran the fix. But again, the logs are attached from the scan and fix. FRST.txt Fixlog.txt
  15. I downloaded RKill, the first button @bleepingcomputer, and put the download in my desktop. I then tried to run it but it says it is not a Win32 application. I haven't had this problem in a long time but this makes twice now today. Any thoughts?
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