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  1. Thx Lazz for all your help, I ran into 1 will multiple issues it seems that about 80 computers on my network has the free version installed, and I can't uninstall them with the console "Uninstallation failed. Managed client was not installed." is the error I'm getting. The question I have is there a cmd line switch to uninstall malware? I would like to add this to my logon script, or do I need to touch each PC individually?
  2. Thank for your quick response, and yes that helped, but that brings up another issue I notice that some of my end-user had the free standalone version installed and after I pushed out the managed client it remained, which cause a conflict with console and now the managed client is unmanaged. I guess the question that I’m asking is if the old version needs to be removed first and then redeployed. I can see that the client was installed successfully. I’m hoping I don’t to remove all of these manually but if I have to then I will. Any help would be greatly appreciated again. Thank you In Advance
  3. I was just wondering is there any way from the console to remove threats on the client computers, because right now the end user removes the treats after they are quarantined. Because I don’t see anything in the management console that allows me to delete threats, or am I just overlooking that feature? I would like to remove the end user totally out of the picture as we all know they want check for months if that. That causes a lot of false positives. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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