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  1. MB deleted the Amazon file but not the two Amazon folders. I used Everywhere, found the folders under Firefox profile, deleted both folders. I ran MB scan and it came up clean. In so far as the repeating MB scan hits, the Amazon extension was clearly the problem. The machine did hang on the restart as before associated with marking for quarantine. I can't see any correlation between the Amazon problem and the freeze. I did wait the 30 minutes this time to no avail. Again, I have trouble believing that Norton or Webroot are involved with the hang given that both were disabled. Sure, the programs are on the machine but disabled is disabled. I really do think the problem has to do with Win10/MB. Given that I've seldom had a scan hit prior to the Amazon condition, it's just not worth the time to uninstall/reinstall particularly Norton. Mark
  2. Hang on for a bit. I think I figured out the problem. I expanded the name column. It's Pup.Optional.AmazonTB. I did a search on it, read the descriptive MB's page. I had installed the Amazon Firefox extension ~10 days ago coinciding with me routinely getting 3 hits/scan (my backup laptop does not have the extension and does not have this problem). I'll uninstall the extension and report back. Mark
  3. Very interesting... I just ran the MB scan again after quarantining and deleting the three 'potentially unwanted program' (1 file, 2 folders) this morning. I have not used the machine until now.The same 3 instances came back on the scan again! I have to believe this is part and parcel with my restart hang problem. I have not had a problem with MB at all and Webroot has been running for months and Norton for years. I'm wondering if I should first try uninstalling and reinstalling MB? I'm fairly impressed with Webroot. It's touted as being totally okay running alongside other anti virus/malware software--it doesn't lock files it's scanning. I have not detected any negative impact on either Norton or MB. I only paid ~$25 dollars for a year for 4-5 machines so I thought and still think it's a good backup to my primary of Norton for virus and primary of MB for malware. Mark
  4. I shut down Webroot and disabled Norton firewall and auto protect. I clicked quarantine and allowed restart. shutdown still hung. I didn't wait the 30 minutes. If 30 minutes is the solution to the hang problem that solution is unacceptable and I would, going forward absent another solution, continue forcing a shutdown and continue. Mark
  5. Windows 10 ver 3.3.1 Scan identifies malware. I select all for quarantine. Restart required--I say yes. Win10 restart twirling image stops twirling after ~10 seconds. Computer hangs/freezes. I hit the power button to shutdown. Once restarted, MB displays window with the malware that I had previously marked. I now mark all for deletion and close MB. This problem is consistent and reproducible. The problem has been existent for ~1 week to 10 days. Mark
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