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  1. FYI In the same time, with the link found in zeustracker, i asked to o2switch to contact http://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/query/SBL194885 for clarify the situation.
  2. Maybe in past, on an other website, but not on mine. And your software has never block my navigation. Why block an entire IP suddenly? Anyway, the hosting service support, o2switch, confirms this server doesn't have any problem now. https://zeustracker.abuse.ch/monitor.php?ipaddress= Files online : 0 If, you're agree with this, please, update your lists. Or, if you always see any dangerous files, give us more information. Don't hesitate to contact them directly : support@o2switch.fr . They'll delete immediately the targeted problem! Thank you,
  3. Hello, It appears that for some reason you have blocked an entire IP : This IP houses my blog and other websites... and a lot of my friends uses Malwarebytes PRO (including me). SO could you please remove it ASAP from the blacklist ? And, if you can explain why this IP is blocked, that could be very usefull ! Thanks,
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