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  1. Thanks friend. We tried the removal tool you linked me to and did the clean new install you suggested. No need for the other stuff as everything is working perfectly now. I guess we need to consider it was the FixIt Pro upgrade install that hunted down some MB code, or the really messy Kasperskey uninstall (it took hours and 3 different tools) that corrupted something vital. I vote for the FixIt. Thanks again. Mike P.
  2. Both my wife's laptop and my own stopped updating Malwarebytes after 12/15/13. The computers open and run scans fine but each time they open MB informs us that the database is out of date and when we click on "update" it runs an online check (our connectivity is good) and tells us the database we have is the latest so no update coming. Click it again via the console, same thing. Have used the program for years and I know we haven't gone a month since updating. Hence, any help? We both run Win7 64b and have Malwarebytes build 4/4/13. We also both have FixIt Utilities which recently added some anti-virus functions - though not back in December and they deny being the problem. I have added MB to the exceptions list just in case - but with no change. Only thing I can think of is we switched our service provider from PennTeleData to CenturyLink for the winter back about the time of the freeze - maybe its just a coincident on the timing. CenturyLink support swears it is not them. Any ideas? I did not try a manual download etc. as I don't want to have to do that regularly and would like to fix the problem. Both our last updates were v2013.12.16 HELP!
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