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  1. arbrich, While I may not be able to confirm all of what you're looking for, it has held after multiple reboots on Win 7 Pro 64 with SEP 12.1.6 with no exceptions added and all updates thus far. If I observe any change to this system I will post a follow-up. shepcon may offer better insight as it appears he's dealing with a good number of systems with this issue and that might provide a much better test bed.
  2. I can confirm this tip given by shepcon. Attempting to disable the Self-Protection module, which as he states appears to do nothing, and then rebooting has resolved the issues of the modules enabling at startup and also has stopped other applications from being blocked from starting. Additionally, that was done without adding any exceptions whatsoever to SEP. My thanks to you for the discovery of a simple solution! Your information should prove very valuable in their search for the cause.
  3. Can confirm this, also seems to be working here. Unfortunately it's a bit impractical to have to do this for an entire organization. I would hope a better solution is coming soon.
  4. Experienced similar results here, and in addition it should be noted that this completely blocked all network connections between clients & servers as well. The IT department was not happy! Appreciate the rapid resolution.
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