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  1. I've now turned off Driver Verifier and rebooted as instructed. This seems to have solved the issue where I had to 'cold' reboot to get my taskbar quick launch icons to appear. (Not sure if that is related but if it ain't broke etc...) Will continue to run the hardware tests and monitor for BSODs for the next few days. Please extend my thanks to all the forum volunteers at Malewarebytes for their patience and assistance with this issue. It is much appreciated.
  2. No BSODs now for 5 days. Driver Verifier is still running. I am currently undertaking the hardware diagnostics proposed by usasma and have removed all the XBox controller stuff. Fingers crossed the blue dragon has been slain....
  3. 5th BSOD since running Verifier seems to indicate an issue with Intel integrated graphics driver: igdkmd64.sys 071918-90546-01.zip
  4. 4th BSOD since running Verifier (3 days had elapsed since the 3rd) 071818-71687-01.zip
  5. No apology necessary and I hope your wife is not in too much discomfort. I have removed the XBox controller device temporarily and will try the hardware diagnostics as you suggest. I didn't stop Driver Verifier running, as I understand you would have to type verifier /reset into the CMD prompt to do that. I did try verifier /query but only to verify it was still running. Hope I didn't stuff up the testing by doing the latter? The weird thing is I have to completely shut down my laptop to get the taskbar quick launch icons to appear (they disappear if I do just a 'restart') Appreciate your assi
  6. 2nd & 3rd BSODs (since Driver Verifier is running) minidump files zipped 071518-88890-01.zip 071518-79109-01.zip
  7. Please accept my apologies for mucking you about. Finally managed to zip the dmp file as per attached. I have only had the one BSOD since I started running Driver Verifier. However, I do notice that upon rebooting I sometimes have a taskbar with quick access icons, and other times not....? 071218-52140-01.zip
  8. Still unable to zip the dmp file - unable to copy it to a different location (desktop) for zipping - thoughts?
  9. Had my first BSOD since running Driver Verifier but am unable zip the .dmp file from the Windows folder (7-Zip says that 'Access is denied') When I check the security levels for that folder they state that I have full read and write access. Also, when my system rebooted, I lost my taskbar at the bottom of the screen
  10. Ran the Sysnative app again and have attached the resultant file SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  11. Got a BSOD at 09:45 pm today so have created a System Restore Point and will run Driver Verifier now for at least 24 hours to see if this can isolate the cause etc, Will post dump file from c:\windows\minidump, and zip it up & attach to next post
  12. Many thanks to both usasma and jcgriff2 for the valuable advice and assistance. Lots to digest there. Point taken re the need to keep even disabled drivers up to date and the very limited capabilities of the HP Support Assistant software. I have updated all my on-board audio drivers and re-enabled same via Device Manager on my laptop (as disabling them provided precisely squat improvement in audio round-trip latency) Similarly, my video, wifi, Ethernet and storage drivers, where available, have now been updated. No further BSOD's to date but will monitor accordingly.
  13. Appreciate the info, thanks I have checked for any Windows updates manually and am advised I am completely up to date I don't use the BOME MIDI utility any longer so have uninstalled that completely There was a BIOS update dated 29/6/18 available on the HP Support site so I downloaded and installed that successfully (although it begs the question : why wasn't I prompted to do so earlier by the HP Support Assistance software?) I have also updated the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology driver successfully Notwithstanding the foregoing, HP Support Assistant reports there a
  14. If I run Driver Verifier, does this run as a background process?
  15. Many thanks for the responses. I updated my ethernet adapter driver as instructed and confirmed that my version of Malwarebytes is currently at Will monitor for crashes in the interim
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