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  1. Thank you for the additional info. My cart does not have that statement underneath the backup option. It says "Backup all your files on your PC and mobile!" and that's all it says.
  2. another question... I clicked your link and it went to the shopping cart. There's also another option for the back-up 50G $24.95. Is that also a Lifetime subscription or annual fee?
  3. Thanks for the info. I will buy the Pro version, now that you showed me it can be disabled, if needed. You never know when one program doesn't agree with another so being able to disable temporarily convenient.
  4. Downloaded the Free version a few weeks ago and my Free trial will be ending in two days. (I told it not to install the free trial for Pro but it looks like it did anyway.) if I do get the paid version can I disable the real-time scanning if I need to for some reason, so it acts more like the Free version? Is there something in the Settings of the program to temporarily disable the entire program without having to kill the task using something like ProcessExplorer? I looked at the icon in the systray area and there are no options there at all. Also, I clicked the Buy Now from the
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