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  1. Thank you dcollins. The 100% disk use began almost as soon as I installed MWB, without even doing a scan, and once MWB was removed (even though it appears not completely) , disk use has normalised. I will follow your suggestion when I have a break from work. I don't have a registry backup utility. Thank you for persisting with my problem.
  2. Once again, my sincere thanks for such rapid responses. I am more than happy to wait, and appreciate that such expertise is being provided.
  3. Thank you for your patience and support! Here is the log file. I noted an application error during the scan, but it did complete and produce two log files. mb-check-results.zip
  4. Thank you for your advice. It is greatly appreciated. Do I assume that these steps depend on reinstallation of MWB,? If so, I will wait until I can find the time off work to deal with the PC problems I described.
  5. Thank you for your replies and advice. I have been following the forum for some months now, and delayed moving from v 2. I had hoped that v3.2 might have eliminated the many problems folk have reported. I forgot to mention that am running Windows 10 (latest version) on a fairly new high spec PC, and did wonder whether there might be conflict with other programs, despite the claim that MWB plays nicely with other security software. I have been trialling e.g. CryptoPrevent and WinPatrol WAR.
  6. I gave in to temptation and installed the latest version of MWB 3- and ended up with an unusable computer for most of the day. Disk usage was persistently 100% and it was only with great difficulty that I was able to run the cleaner, which left registry entries which I was unable to delete. A whole day with no productive work, and I am left with great anxiety about trying again.
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