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  1. FYI, a shortlist of known modified extensions for Google chrome: Add to Feedly AwesomeNewTabPage ChromeReload CrxMouse (supposedly anonymized tracking) Hola Unblocker HoverZoom? (FWIW the author denies it) Neat Bookmarks ScrollToTopButton SmoothGestures Smooth Scroll Translate Selection Tweet This Page Webpage Screenshot Capture Window Resizer Youtube Ratings Preview
  2. So there has been some discussion over at Reddit about malware groups approaching extension designers to either affiliate or sell these extensions to them, netting a laundry list of existing users. Said groups then modify the extensions. Users have reported all manner of nonsense, from link poisoning and ad injection to botnetting. Has anyone here heard about or been looking into this? I did some quick searching and didn't come up with anything similar. Relevant discussions: http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/1vir7a/chrome_extensions_are_being_bought_out_by_malware/ http://
  3. I know this is a couple of months old, but I wanted to mention that this specific IP address is now tied to the files-frog website. If you have downloaded any software (particularly audio/video processing software) from their website, they will automatically load an update-checker executable. It appears to be harmless and easily removed.
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