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  1. In my desperate trials to save my system I tried ADWcleaner and HitMan that showed almost same results as MBAM. I did the cleaning with everything I've got but still to no avail. But something strange happened, once after a reboot the Explorer.exe didn't try to connect to the net at all, then after about 4 hours IExploere tried twice to connect to 2 IPs but MBAM blocked it and everything remained calm till the next reboot where explorer came back to its trials to connect. 2nd time happened now as I'm writing this, after a reboot, Explorer.exe is quiet again without any attempts to connect to
  2. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 system. Recently, about 1 or 2 months ago, I noticed there's a lag when I open any folder or choose my computer till contents are shown, but since my hard drive is nearly full I thought this might be the cause. Couple a days ago I noticed that my router's activity light is blinking like mad though I'm not downloading or uploading anything. I thought this may be any normal activity like windows update but the blinking went on for a while so I checked the ongoing internet connections & found out that Explorer.exe is trying to connect & mainly send data. I
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