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  1. Follow-up: Deployed MBAM cleanup utility; reinstalled MBAM; restarted, and now protection module loads automatically at startup. Odd, but all the same startup entries existed before, as now. Bug? Thanks.
  2. It just silently fails. I'm running Vista 64 Ultimate SP2. All options for auto-start of the protection module are toggled 'on.'
  3. Yes, I did all that, thank you. I'll try the un- and reinstall procedure... I hadn't seen the good, apparently very-recent news about protection-module compatibility with Vista 64, but had just seen the recent posts by users requesting full compatibility. I'll report back later...
  4. While the realtime protection module does not load automatically on Vista 64-bit, I do get it to run manually. The MBAMservice.exe runs fine. Just start MBAM, select Protection, then click "Start Protection". Bada-boom, bada-bing.
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