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  1. I did work with one of your experts. All advice was followed and things seem fine except that I cannot delete the folder specified. Please advise.
  2. I had some issues recently and ran ComboFix. I was unable to uninstall the program so I was told to run OTC and then remove what remained manually. I see posts that uninstalling ComboFix will delete this folder, but since that will not run, how else can I get rid of it? The error I get is that BackEnv, the subfolder, directory is not empty. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you both. I didn't realize there were two different options. I appreciate you help. I am all set.
  4. Good Morning. I have MBAM Pro version running on two computers. On the scheduler tab, there are options missing from one computer that exist on the other one. I have attached both screen shots. Please advise. Scheduler.bmp Scheduler II.bmp
  5. Thank you so much for everything! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. You are truly a God send Mr Charlie!
  6. I can't thank you enough for your help. It was such a comfort to have an expert walking me through the steps and reviewing the logs. Your instructions were easy to follow and your follow up almost immediate. Thank God for people like you who are willing and able to help those of us in these malware messes!

    1. Faffner


      Thank you MrCharlie, you were very helpful, very disponible, your instructions were very clear and effective!

      Thank you for saving my computer!

  7. Never mind. It finished. I need to be more patient.
  8. So end the task and run again? I have administrator rights on the machine and it is XP?
  9. Thank you. How long does it usually take to run? It has been running for 20+ minutes. Task manager shows it running but 0 CPU usage.
  10. I get a blank page again trying to get to OTC.exe.
  11. That ran in about one second and just said finished. I still have combofix.exe on my desktop and C:\Combofix.txt. I can certainly delete those but wondering where the other files were so I can verify that they are gone.
  12. I ended it but I can't get to the page to get the uninstaller.
  13. The uninstall of Combofix looks more like it is installing. It is extracting files and asking me if I want to update to the new version. What should be my answer and if it is reinstalling is that an issue?
  14. It is version 10.5.1083. Not sure if this is considered a new version.
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