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  1. Fresh install of windows (And MWB), And I get a surprising amount of notifications that real-time is off. I turn it back on, But i'm not sure why it's been turning itself off.
  2. And nobody's around who seems to know, Everyone's looking at this topic though apparently.
  3. Malwarebytes on it's own site: 3 PCs = $39.95 a year, 1 PC $24 Malwarebytes in a little box on other sites/physical stores: 3 PCs = $18.32 a year (Wal-Mart) Why is just buying one copy for yourself so inordinately expensive? You could get it for 3 PC's with MWAB:AE for the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832562016&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC-_-pla-_-Software+-+AntiVirus+%26+Internet+Security-_-N82E16832562016&gclid=CLvS8-bV0ssCFZM6gQody-IEHw&gclsrc=aw.dssame price as buying it for 3 PC's digitally...
  4. The foremost example is Skype. I don't want to make an exception for Skype, But i don't actually need to be notified if MWAB intercepts Skype because I seem to get a lot of false flags due to the nature of skype that are just from it doing it's P2P thing, Forgive me if i'm wrong about how skype works but i looked it up and it seems like a lot of people encounter this issue with skype specifically. I'm sure other programs have similar issues, And i'd rather have a way to hide indicators fromt hem than to whitelist them, which could be a security risk(?)
  5. http://gtaforums.com/topic/794383-malware-inside-angry-planes-noclip-mod/page-1So apparantly this is hittting the GTAV community like a ten ton hammer. So does MWAB protect against this, Or plan to protect against this? (PS, Does MW auto-scan inbound files from the internet? could i put that in as a feature suggestion?)
  6. Well, The other issue is that i can't seem to disable it, Turning off the program causes it to still block things, And it won't respond to Task manager's attempts to close it
  7. pbust note. Original title: Can't play Minecraft I can't exclude it either, Does the free version not even let you make exclusions....?
  8. Perhaps i'm wrong because of MWB's Nature, But i think it should show in places such as in the action center where it says "Security>Spyware and unwanted software protection>On > #PROGRAMNAME# is helping to protect your unit
  9. I say this because i want to get a spare Lifetime key for my new-ish laptop
  10. Nice job, Not thrilled about the shift to yearly subscriptions I mean i got in under the door by a long shot with that, But it still displeases me (Does anywhere still sell lifetime licenses? I know some physical units and unused codes are out there, And they're going to be limited in stock)
  11. Ha! I tend to look about when i see new information, That was full of it. Although now i'm trying to think of a good analogy for MBAM AV is to MBaM as Police are to SWAT team If you have a better one let me know
  12. John posted it here The zip itself is located at http://press.malwarebytes.org/resources/
  13. http://static-cdn.malwarebytes.org/press_resources/2013-03-20/graphics/MalwarebytesProductLogos.zip
  14. I saw it on the site and downloaded it, Some icons are missing or old such as MWAE That is all
  15. I'm afraid that one isn't Crystal Clear. Aren't Viruses considered malware? Is it just for the "Multi layer" bit? Sorry about these questions, Must not sound like the smartest aspiring techie. Unless i'm told otherwise, I'm going to imagine that i'm safe with MSE/MWAB running side by side
  16. A virus i'd think falls into the category of malware, and since i began using it, I've had MWAB work far better then any overly costly antivirus system I remember hearing that "Malwarebytes is NOT a standalone antivirus solution" But why? I've had it solve more problems then my actual antivirus, I stopped using the costly, CPU and money eating Kaspersky in exchange for a MWB license a while back, Accompanied by windows' standard antivirus. So TL;DR, Why isn't MWB a standalone AV exactly,? I mean if it quacks like a duck...
  17. I too think lifetime should stay, Especially considering they'll T-Bone their profits a bit and drive people to piracy a lot more Plus what about all the people such as i who have already forked over for lifetime? *Thoughtful chin scratch* Oh yea i imagine there was probably a "We can do as we please" clause in the T&C Still, Amazing piece of software that might make a bad move
  18. Look, This might sound extraordinarily dumb, But this is how it is: Techbench seems really cool, And i'd like to get one for "Personal use" AKA use on my own computers, At most the computer of a friend or bumbling family member who manages to install malware on his computer by looking at it funny So obviously there doesn't seem to be a way to get one of these for noncommercial uses, Despite the fact that some people might really like it for that reason (Hinted at by the fact that getting a quote on a neat lil' Key shaped USB stick demands company information, And a multi-hundred dollar price approximation) So i'm wondering if it's possible, Or would be considered to make some manner of getting a personal use techbench for a reasonable price as $399.00 per year effectively makes applicable to business only, when it would be useful to many others Thanks for your time at any rate, Apoligies if this is misplaced or redundant
  19. Just curious because i didn't find anything and was told to look out for it (Sorry if there's a better place for this thread, Mods can move threads x-x
  20. Feh, Thanks anyways. I assume that it's doing something even in it's beta state, Or at least i hope
  21. Nothing appears wrong, not sure how i'd tell other then the darn thing not working however
  22. With the two or three false positives that i wound up dealing with, it occurred to me that perhaps when it detects something that it thinks is an exploit it should say something along the lines of "Malware bytes AE has detected what it thinks is an exploit *Button to bring up details of why it thinks an exploit has been found, Labeled 'show details'*" Do you want to: -Block -Ignore -Allow and add exclusion Just something that in theory wouldn't be too tough to integrate, Thanks for your time whoever is reading this!
  23. Two things i realized after using your (****ing amazing) Anti-Hazard-Ware for +1 years. One, It could probably use a progress bar (No idea how far along it is when it's scanning x-x) Two, Some sort of optional, Animated "Scanning" graphic, Sometimes it takes it a while to scan one object and i can't tell for the life of me if it's A, Frozen or B, Just taking it's sweet old time, Sort of like how Norton has (Or used to have, Back when i was dumb enough to use Norton) a little shield with a radar-scan going around it Three: Under "More tools" It seems like *all* the other tools offered by MWB could be listed, And much more compact then they are now at that In general it works amazingly, But the interface isn't as... I dunno, Shiny... Sorry if this is a crap suggestion, I just noticed these things while using the software for a while
  24. UPDATE: All seems to be well barring a few minor issues that *Always* Arise when you system restore, I'm still a little worried this might be some kind of malware's work (Is there a blanket term for files dangerous to your computer? I hear virus, malware spyware, rootkit, Etc)
  25. Eh crap i only know how to run the one kind, it's at 12% after all this time and i dont think they're abortable midway through
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