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  1. Problem is fixed i don't receive any port scanning was just spam sent from proxy servers , i found tons of junk mail in my mail box , THANKS anyway
  2. Good day , I made an account on this forum because I have some strange port scanning from 2 websites IP one is from Netherlands and one is from France i suppose those are Proxy Servers or VPN IP because in the past months i got several intrusions from this 2 related IP , Please help me find out who are those guys and what they want from ME !!!!??? 2013/12/25 13:45:30 +0200 RDSRCS-PC RdsRcs MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully2013/12/25 14:28:08 +0200 RDSRCS-PC RdsRcs IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 50274, Process: opera.exe)2013/12/25 14:28:09 +0200 RDSRCS-PC RdsRcs IP-BL
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