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  1. Hi -- Yes, I am a paid PRO member. If needed, let me know what info I need to get you to verify. I decided to keep the posting running in the forum in case the answers may help others. Thank you for the thorough instructions. Attached are the six files you asked for. Let me know. Thank you. John attach.txt dds.txt protection-log-2013-11-21.txt protection-log-2013-11-22.txt protection-log-2013-11-23.txt CheckResults.txt
  2. Hi -- Could not find this topic in the Forums, sorry if my keyword searches did not find an already posted answer/suggestions. MB works just fine, it is the load time when I restart the computer. 64 seconds, give or take a second or two. I have looked in Settings and find nothing about pre scanning or any other setting I have active that might be a cause. Is this normal? Or, what should I be looking at to make load times 'normal'? Let me know. Thanks. John
  3. Hi, Using Vista. Quickly narrowed down a nasty piece of work when found BankerFox.A popped up today on a family laptop. Read some posts on the forums here with ideas how to remove it. Went to Safe Mode and against the usual admonishments not to touch anything suspicious that we had already discussed as a possible soucre of the original infection, that user went right back to one of the emails we had touched upon as a possible source of BankerFox.A and, BOOM, now BankerFox.A started popping up while running Safe Mode as well. Any ideas? Suggestions? To expand upon the BankerFox.A removal ideas already listed in other posts on this forum? Thank you. John
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