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  1. Hi David, I understand that there is normal wear and tear on any mechanical equipment and a printer sure falls in this category. However, because of the difference between a good quality check several days in a row and a sudden messed-up quality page the following day, that leads me to suspect that a malware is causing this zealous printhead cleaning. Any thoughts on this possibility.
  2. I have an inkjet from a very well known company. Because I must have paid the equivalent of a new printer in ink cartridges, I installed a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) on it. Had it for a few years. Functioning great. In the past year, the printer began to do printhead cleaning more and more often even after a quality print check showed the print quality to be good. The result of these frequent printhead cleanings is obviously extra wear and tear on the printer. Has anyone experienced a similar problem and if so, what is the remedy. MikeBravo 07
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