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  1. In my settings...radio button says malicious website blocking is enabled. On dashboard...NO!
  2. When you uncheck it...and reboot...it is checked again. Is this part of the database issue?
  3. Went to run a scan...received a message that my malwarebytes database was corrupted...so I re-downloaded it. Then ran the scan. After that...went back and hit the fix button on the Malicious Website issue and everything went green. Wonder if something is bad with the database?
  4. It just disabled itself in as well. Something is amiss!
  5. Also...scan for rootkits is not enabled by default...?????
  6. Also, check under advanced settings... Normally, the box that delayed Malwarebytes on startup for 15 seconds is unchecked. In version 2.0.3 it is checked...and no matter how many times you uncheck it...it re-enables itself on bootup...
  7. By the way...fresh OS and software install in the past two days. No chance of any infections.
  8. For some add reason, after upgrading to 2.0.3, malicious website blocking, even though checked as enabled kept giving me a message that it was disabled in the dashboard and tray icon. No matter how I tried to re-configure it...still disabled. With 2.0.2, all is good with the world System specs: Gigabyte X99 UD5 Wifi with i7 5820 16 GB of DDR4-2400 memory Windows 8.1 Professional 64 Bit As I said...installing 2.0.2 on top of 2.0.3 seems to have fixed the issue...
  9. I just purchased the PRO version and installed. Odd that after awhile, my sound card made some chirping noises (SoundBlaster Z). I disabled the malicious website tools and the chirping has stopped. I find this very odd, indeed! I hope there is a fix for this very soon. Right now, I have my AVG Online shield doing all the work...but frankly trust Malwarebytes more.
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