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  1. Apology...I posted this originally in the wrong section I did the first install over v2.1. Then I removed the entire app and reinstalled. Still getting this message. All the setting show that everything is turned ON. I keep enabling the settings and on reboot the message comes back. Any ideas? Only way I could get it to stop was to reinstall v2.1. Also...use in conjunction with Trend Micro 2017.
  2. I did the first install over v2.1. Then I removed the entire app and reinstalled. Still getting this message. All the setting show that everything is turned ON. I keep enabling the settings and on reboot the message comes back. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Thanks. I just did a clean install of Windows...so I expect it should work fine. Thanks
  4. First off...I upgraded to Windows 10...so during the install...MB was removed. Reinstalled...all was good. Then something went terribly awry with Win 10 and I had to reinstall Windows 8.1 all over again...just to make the step back up. Again, I will have to reinstall MB. Will this be an issue. Same machine (Dell Venue Pro 11 tablet). Thanks
  5. Here is an oddity. On my i7 5820K desktop...got the notice to upgrade...so I did. Forgot to uncheck "update on reboot" and it doesn't have the same issue as laptop. Either a Windows 7 vs 8.1 thing (desktop is 8.1 Pro) or something in the configuration of the laptop. Will be really interested to see what the programmers find....
  6. I have the program set up to look for updates hourly, and I normally do check on bootup. Also, I did a clean install, after running mbamclean. Before I put the license and ID in for 2.1.6, I was told there was an upgrade did I want to install. Told it YES...installed 2.1.8...then put in the ID and activation key...rebooted and here are a few notes: With checking for updates on reboot is disabled, the program doesn't go to taskbar. So now I enabled checking for updates on reboot as well as hourly. On reboot...it loads to taskbar. The culprit is checking for updates on reboot...as far as I can tell. Just to double check. Will disable check on reboot...rebooting now...no load to taskbar. I am 100% certain that the culprit is having Malwarebytes check for updates on reboot. Thanks for the help. I will just leave the program to check hourly and let it go at that...for now.
  7. I'll hang in there with 2.1.8 until they get a chance to see what is happening. Hopefully a simple fix
  8. Here are the generated files: Ran a malwarebytes scan...clean. Ran a Kaspersky scan...clean. I believe that there is a hidden setting in the program that causes this. Tried to go back to 2.1.6, which doesn't cause this problem and am constantly nagged to upgrade Thanks Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  9. I actually have to click on the Malwarebytes icon on the left which opens the dashboard again and close the program. Still running on the right hand side of the taskbar, as it should.
  10. I installed the upgrade when prompted. It used to just sit on the right hand side of my taskbar. Now, after the upgrade...I boot into Windows 7 and the dashboard opens and minimizes to the left side of my taskbar by the start button. Is there a setting I am missing?
  11. We were told it will be fixed in version 2.1. You may have to live with this for awhile...
  12. I went back to until this thing is solved. There are bugs in the new version that need to be ironed out....
  13. By the way...I have four licenses to the software. All four machines...same thing...can't uncheck the delay option. 1. Gigabyte X99 UD5 with i7 5820K (Win 8.1 64 Bit) 2. Dell Venue Pro 11 with Atom Processor (Win 8.1 32 Bit) 3. Asus P8z77 with I5 3570K (Win 7 64 Bit) 4. HP Envy 17 with i7 2670QM (Win 7 64 Bit) The only correlation is Intel chipsets and processors...
  14. I think it is a common glitch. I just thought that there might be a registry setting that could be changed to make it work to where one could disable the delay. Right now, the only option many of us have is to revert to it still works. I appreciate all the feedback...
  15. Excuse me...but I started this thread. Not only is this issue prevalent on my desktop, but it is the same on my laptop...so some things are common. I believe that hapless is seeing exactly what I am seeing. If version 2.02 doesn't have this issue for me, why should 2.03. I believe it is a bug in the software. I can always go back to 2.0.2 and NOT have this issue....
  16. Basically, if I revert to version 2.0.2, all will work properly. So there has to be something in 2.0.3 that is either changed or different.
  17. Two reinstalls, last one included mbam-clean.exe and still can't uncheck it. I will gather the diagnostic logs and post next. Just did a clean install on my machine after I built it on Thurs and Fri of last week.
  18. You can uncheck delayed start over and over again and the minute the program restarts on bootup...checked again. By default, this was always unchecked. Now...you can't turn the delay off.
  19. Green lights. Still can't uncheck delayed startup after 15 seconds. I like to have Malwarebytes running the second windows starts
  20. Bump. Even with the update to fix malicious website protection. The setting for delayed startup after 15 seconds cannot be unchecked and stay that way. On versions 2.01 and 2.02 it was OFF by default. No longer with 2.03.
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