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  1. Having the same issue with PC names no longer showing up. However, on the licensed machines...all are activated and say "lifetime"
  2. Thanks...luckily nothing got deleted. MWB quarantined them...
  3. I have had the software for my mouse installed for over a month. All of a sudden today, I find 15 instances where Malwarebytes is saying root files for the mouse software are Trojan injectors. Why now? I need Razer Synapse 3 to run my Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition mouse. Any thoughts?
  4. Too late for me!! I was in the middle of a phone call with a client, writing script for a campaign coming up. Went to save my Word document after three pages. Word froze...locked up...got the message that "Word is no longer functioning" Word 2016 closed and when re-opened...my three pages were still there...two were garbled...but was able to save page 1. MB staff...this is ridiculous. After reading this, I understand what the problem was...shame!
  5. Every day it is a different module that doesn't work. This is getting very old! Wish they had done a better job of beta testing before they released v3
  6. The button to enable web protection on early start is disabled and can't be changed on my machine. However, after 15 seconds the M turns blue on my taskbar. Not sure if this is by design...
  7. Installed. Thanks mightaswell. Now...As bdg2 stated...have to close the app...makes sense...did that...rebooted and viola...web protection not running...???? Will let it brew for a few days and see what happens
  8. When I go to download, off the link posted, this is what I get... Is that correct?
  9. I installed 3.06 over a week ago, with no issues...until today. Now, I get the following every time I boot into Windows. What happened? Did you make changes to 3.06.1469 that is causing this after a week???
  10. Perhaps when this gets sorted out, you might ask for a license extension. You didn't create the issue, Malwarebytes.org did.
  11. Well, had to revert to on my laptop as well. Seems that the daily greeting "Your protection is not on" turned into almost hourly, depending on what program I was using. I really hope they get the issue with 3.0x sorted out quickly. Three out of three machines now back to 2.2.1
  12. Now, I get the pop up every other reboot on my laptop. Leaving it on that machine, so I can tell when the issue gets resolved. If it doesn't clear up in another week...going back to 2.2.1 on that machine as well.
  13. Jim...not totally. There are still a lot of us that have the popup. My way of fixing was to go back to 2.2.1. And...now, my laptop, which didn't get the pop up is starting to get it at least two times a day. They should never have released this version without thoroughly checking it.
  14. Gotcha! Hopefully sooner than later. I'm good as long as they continue to update 2.2.1 for awhile.
  15. Maybe some system specs might help: Asus X99-A with Intel i7 5820K Windows 10 Pro 1607 (14393.576) 32 GB of DDR4 2666 Samsung 840 Pro 512 GB (C:) Toshiba 4TB 7200 ROM HDD (D:) EVGA GTX 1080 with drivers 373.33 (most up to date) All drivers for the hardware and motherboard are up to date Even changed the update frequency of Malwarebytes to every 4 hours. Same old same old.
  16. Same issue...different version of the software. This version does NOT fix the issue about protection not running.. Uninstalled 2.2.1 using the Malwarebytes clean tool. Then installed this version...still not working correctly. I wish they would figure out what is wrong here and fix it once and for all!
  17. I have v3 of Malwarebytes and the new Trend Micro 2017 working together well on my laptop. Windows 10 64 bit. Basically, I did not enable Ransomware with Trend. Skipped the install during the upgrade. I let Malwarebytes take care of that. Also, make sure that in the exception lists for both...to cover each In Trend, bring up the console...under "Exception Lists" make sure that C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes is in there Then open the Malwarebytes console...click on Settings...then choose Exclusions and make sure C:\Program Files\Trend Micro is in there...now see if that helps...
  18. In all honesty, Ried...Not sure. I uninstalled v3 a few days ago and went back to 2.2.1 for peace of mind. Still waiting on the fix.
  19. I tried all the solutions in this thread and still get the pop up. I am wondering...if anyone has X99 chipset? My HM170 chipset laptop is fine with 3.0.4 but my two desktops have the pop up issue. Again...back to 2.2.1
  20. When will it be OK to try 3.0.4 again? Don't want to have the popup everytime I reboot, again. I know that they are going to push the update through rather than a new version...but the persistent nag is annoying.
  21. Thought I was on to something with chipset...as of this morning, my laptop (HM170 chipset) started with the message. Back to 2.2.1 on all three machines now.
  22. I also have Samsung SSD's but don't use Magician. Of my three machines, all have Samsung SSD's...but only the HM170 chipset one (laptop) doesn't give the error.
  23. Now I'm wondering. My other X99 machine just got the same pop up. My laptop with the HM170 chipset does not. Hopefully this info is somewhat helpful. Now two machines back on v2.2.1
  24. Also...three licenses on three separate machines...all with same setup...my X99 desktop with fresh install of Windows 10 is the only one with this error. Everything is enabled, yet message won't go away and the M in my taskbar has an X in it.
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