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  1. "You will need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 in order to receive the update" Does this mean that you are removing support for Windows 7?
  2. I too am extremely concerned about this 'new direction' with Malwarebytes. They need to be careful, or we will start leaving in droves... I got ta notification of a 'free upgrade' and immediately, I was suspicious, as I already have PREMIUM, but I was grandfathered into it (and another licence on another laptop) and so I stopped and started researching. Turns out that while it would keep working, this would remove your existing PREMIUM install and so things like regular scans would stop! MALWAREBYTES - STATE IN BIG, CLEAR, GREEN LETTERS, "THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR LICENSING OR FUNCTIONALITY IN ANY WAY" FOR EXISTING PREMIUM USERS! If it won't, of course, but big RED if it does. Sorry for 'shouting', in caps, but the totally confusing legalese mess and mixed messaged, designed to obfuscate and confuse that you offer as an 'upgrade' should never have been foisted on anyone! As someone else pointed out, somewhere in my trail of disconnected Malwarebytes forums and support pages, said; "Getting tired of Malwarebytes installing a "free trial" without asking!" (a forum search can't find that, despite being on the same site and being viewed right now in another browser). This is the sort of behaviour that I'd expect to see within the Internet Marketing community - shady as hell!
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