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  1. How so? When it comes to properly handling real-time audio, ISR routine / DPCs and the time they take to execute (latency) are relevant. AV/Anti-malware products often tie in on a low kernel/driver level, so driver issues or conflicts are not unimaginable. A good explanation (and tool to measure) can be found at Resplendence's LatencyMon page. It does take a bit of IT understanding and is not a cookie-cutter answer, that's true. LatencyMon at least uses general rules of thumb that make sense to estimate whether a system is running in a way suitable for handling real-time* audio.
  2. Hi, I've been a fan of Malwarebytes since I was a student and helped people fix their slow PCs, often riddled with malware and PUPs/toolbars. As an ad-hoc scanner/cleaner there was no better option. So I'd always have a portable version with the latest definitions with me on my (write protected) USB-stick with malware removal tools. At some point I earned a life-time license and started using MWB as real-time malware/virus protection (together with Windows Defender). I thought it would be only fair to explain why I have now decided to uninstall it. It's also to underwrite the issu
  3. Do a right-click and "check for updates" to download the latest definition database
  4. Same here when on gmail/inbox, google, new chrome tab: www.gstatic.com ports 0 62430 62431 62432 62433 63491 63492 63493 63494 63495 63496 63497 ssl.gstatic.com ports 0 62023 62024 62025 62026 62027 62031 62032 csi.gstatic.com ports 0 63460 63461 63462 63478
  5. Blackhat friendly sounds as if they actually take their side. Surely that's not the case, right? Anyway, thanks for the answer. I get how being too unresponsive in blocking hackers does make a hoster an enabler in a sense. Is your hope that blocking their whole IP-range motivates them to take action?
  6. Suddenly got a block warning while browsing. Ip's both resolve to Velcom.ca which is a Canadian webhoster as it seems. Maybe too large a block of IP's has been blocked due to one infected site, because above Ip's seem clean. Only see one warning about an outdated Apache server version (2.2.17). https://www.virustotal.com/nl/url/fceaa160fb0c16287c0c97362c7e9101a632d8d7a2678a46f09a6b6372a87856/analysis/1410894922/http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/velcom.cahttp://quttera.com/detailed_report/velcom.ca
  7. http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=523494.msg3704499#msg3704499
  8. The exact cause aside: my point was that it's rather ironic for an AV company to have it's website or forum hacked. Doesn't inspire confidence, however misplaced this notion may be (pc vs webserver, 3rd party vs in-house., etc)
  9. SMF 2.0.7 has been available since januari. Avast forums was running 2.0.6... So I'm not speculating at all. They did in fact not run the newest version. Also: they speak of hashing, but I didn't read anything about salting.
  10. That's pretty bad for a company that has security as it's core business... Even though Avast was using 3rd party forum software, I reckon leaving leaks open/not updating to newest forum software damages their reputation. To put it in one word: "clumsy"
  11. He's not talking about False Positives. He's asking about false negatives / low detection rate. The other way round, many blacklisted sites are not being blocked while he thinks they should.
  12. Other than the cosmetic changes (not all for the better, I'll give you that...) there have been changes underwater as well. Your 1.75 life-time licence (bought pre-2.00) will be converted to a 2.00 life-time licence. There really is no reason not to upgrade, is there? Also I wasn't being snarky, but in the discussion I read some confusion about the 1PC->3PC thing. My bad If I misinterpreted this.
  13. 'better' looking is pretty subjective. It looks pretty organized but the abundance of gradients, large red areas with screaming warnings and red crosses whenever one little thing is a bit off are making it look like a 'speed up your pc now! 300 problems found!' fluffware app. It can be argued that the 2.00 version is easier to use for non tech savy users, the exaggerated warnings make it look suspicious to the more IT handy people out there though. Also: I won't be doing any free advertising for a 2$ t-shirt.
  14. I've never mentioned SEO, only the link I provided as extra mentioned it. There's plenty of solutions with easy setup/maintainance that are not hosting 10.000 sites on one IP, so that's a non-argument. If you're unwilling to leave a server that is the source of many infections, don't be surprised that your site gets blocked because the shared server is blocked.
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