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  1. I downloaded the repair file and tried to use it. However, when I enter e:\frst64 (or e:\frst) in the command prompt window I get a message that the command is not recognized. I tried the command on the same line that came up when the command window opened (X:\windowssystem32>) and I tried switching to e: drive first. I can get a directory of the thumb drive and I see the exe file. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? It's been too long since I used commands. I tried the executable file name with and without run and a space in front of it and got nowhere. Help!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Windows 7 operating sytem is in use.
  3. My personal computer has been taken over by something called "BlowMeOFF". It's the only thing running on it. Using 100% capacity. 87-89% of memory. Can't remove or stop it running. I've had Malware installed for a while - maybe a year. Recently saw an uptick in blocked items. I can't do anything on that machine. I'm writing this from my work computer. Help! I entered this in the forum half an hour or do ago, but now I don't see it in the forum. Sorry if this ends up as a duplicate. Debbie
  4. I bought a Malwarebytes home package. My PC has been completely rendered useless by something that is running called BlowMeOFF. It is displaying in two instances when I was able to get task manager to display. 100% CPU being used. 87% of memory. I tried to "end" them. No luck. I tried going to control panel to "uninstall". Now it won't let me do anything but log in. To the best of my knowledge Malware runs every day. I did see an uptick in Maleware pop-ups that it was catching things over the last week or two. Now what? I am using my work computer as my PC is unusable.
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