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  1. Was not bootable atall, he got to login screen and it said, Activate Windows now or Shutdown. No matter what mode, I tried safe mode on it for him.
  2. Lol, my friend has had pirate XP running for a good while and he put m-bam on it, quick scanned, saw a file called, I.Stole.Windows. - Deleted it. It was obviously some kind of registry patch to get around activating XP, now he couldn't boot up, I lol'd. I guess he fixed it though.
  3. I have 64bit Vista and I just installed Object dock. I right clicked on an object in it and like magic the context menu scan button was there. Yet it doesn't work on anything else yet since I'm on 64bit. Odd or what?
  4. Yeah but 64bit context menu scan button. Does it work in 32bit with out registering? The context menu scanning I mean.
  5. Oh okay, sorry did not know that. I may purchase a license then, when the team add full 64bit support. Thanks.
  6. So I installed MBAM a while ago, I am on version 3.8. I set it to protection mode on and startup at startup. But when I startup the icon doesn't appear immediately it takes about 5 minutes to show up. Is this normal? Btw, I'm using a key and license off my friend, does this have anything to do with it? Cheers.
  7. Hi there, new here. I recently downloaded your product I am quite pleased with it. Do you plan to add full 64bit OS support for it? I would really like to see the scan file/folder context menu button. Cheers.
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