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  1. Thanks, got it .. except reading the Tabs under Advanced Settings I, for one, get the impression that ticking additional boxes under Hardening/Protection is related to more/less security. But I'm happy with your reply and shall stand by for "coming soon" additions! Again, thanks.
  2. Gonzo, thanks, but you do miss the point! And, besides, how could I miss the fact that the notification is now a turn on/off setting. Unless, of course, I'm brain dead .. which I'm not. This, of course, said jokingly! As I said in my opening suggestion, by adding the option "Log All Events" to the Settings Tab (with a log size limit), the user would be "in command" and could chose between a tray baloon, a log entry or both. And, so as to separate all events from problem events, you could, e.g., split Logs into two Tabs. I realize that it's difficult to satisfy all users on UI related issues, but, by giving simple options (like I have suggested), you'll add transparency. All I'm asking .. think about it for future versions. Thanks.
  3. Suggestion for future versions: Add an Option to log "All Events" to the Settings Tab. If possible with a log size limit in: a) number of events, b) number of days, or c) file size. Why? I find the notifications in the traybar "all day long" unneccessary distractions (even pitas, albeit small ones). And, a log entry would confirm the type of protection applied (profile) .. and I could check the log to see that everyting works okay w/o the nuisance (imo) of the traybar baloon. With this option the user (would be in command and) could chose between the traybar baloon and log entry or both.
  4. Thanks pbust, I would have thought that TeamViewer and Skype would use the same profile .. as, both use the web/Internet to do their things. TeamViewer, in addition to remote control, allows for file transfer and video-voice-chat. Either way, it would helpful to add these options/settings to MBAE Premium: 1. An "Edit" button for User Shields, both to see the profile choosen/in use and to modify the profile as one sees fit; 2. Under "Advanced Settings, in addition to Default, two new options: a) Low-Moderate and Aggressive. I, for one, have no idea how to tick the various boxes .. and, thus, adding such options would give the user a "professional" take on making changes.
  5. My fault! On my XP machine I forgot that baloon tips had been turned off. Once enabled, the MBAE shield notifications worked fine. Problem solved. Here is the fix used: Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then press ENTER. Locate the following subkey: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced Double-click EnableBalloonTips, and then give it a value of 1. Close Registry Editor. Log off Windows, and then log back on.
  6. Adding shields to Premium, what profiles should I use for: a) TeamViewer b) Skype c) Thunderbird Thanks.
  7. Just installed mbae on two computers. On the Windows 7 Pro, starting a shielded program, the Taskbar Baloon Flyouts work fine, however, on my XP Pro/Sp3 .. NO notification other than a (pretty weak) sound. Yes, the 'show notification' under settings is ticket. How to fix? Thanks.
  8. It was reviewed and no conclusive reply provided. As you had a similar issue (a 6to4 related f/p) some time ago I thought you may have a suggestion, but if you haven't heard of trojan.hugipon .. I'll go on digging elsewhere. Thanks regardless!
  9. Using SUPERAntiSpyware current and updated I get a hit referred to "trojan.hugipon" related to 6to4 services. Anyone here with that same experience and if so is this a f/p or the real thing? This "trojan.hugipon" is not flagged by Malewarebytes or any other scanner I use, Like Spybot, F-Secure, Exterminate It!, etc. The threads found on SAS forum is non-conclusive...! What's up?
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