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  1. I'll try it once you confirm it fixes the Adobe Reader issue as well. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/233619-v1121100-clash-with-acrobat-reader-dc/?do=findComment&comment=1259707 The Adobe Reader is the priority for me as it runs on all my computers. Thanks.
  2. Any news on this? I need a working MBAE version for my legacy XP. Thanks.
  3. Any news on this? I'm still on MBAB .90 with deactivated automatic update. Thanks.
  4. Arthi, where is the op-in/-out setting for this? As a paid subscriber to MBAE I rather decide on telemetry myself ... if at all possible. TIA.
  5. Received, many thanks. I usually keep a few back copies as well, but this time I was auto updated to .90 (and later .100), so I only had .86 at hand. Presumably MB will fix this shortly, however, if not I'll stay with .90 which works fine.
  6. Windows 7 Pro 32-bit and 64-bit (two computers). I have the same issue with Adobe Reader 11.0.23. Please provide a download link for the MBAE version. Thanks.
  7. Ditto: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/212278-something-amiss-with-anti-exploit-beta-110141/?do=findComment&comment=1190302
  8. I finally had a chance to test on my XP Sp3 (32-bit), however, with mixed results. After installing over and rebooting v45 behaved okay (albeit with slower loading, subjectively) for a short while. Then Thunderbird got stuck loading, and, thereafter, I don't think v45 worked, as there were no fly-outs and no logs. Rebooted again and no difference. Tired of this so I removed v45 and reinstalled the old v24, which works fine. Too bad, but that's the way it is...!
  9. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/212278-something-amiss-with-anti-exploit-beta-110141/?do=findComment&comment=1173033 You can also modify the hosts file (per the above) by adding this line: data-cdn.mbamupdates.com
  10. UPDATE: per the above, I installed MBAE and that didn't work (as expected). Then, I uninstalled v.40 and reinstalled MBAE without using clean_mbae.bat and that worked (the service started). So, granted that the old v.24 continues to work/start, I'll stay there for now .. until someone reports a permanent update fix for XP systems.
  11. This is getting messy! I have tried a number of MBAE versions on one of my XP systems, v.26 included, however, with no success. It works for a short while then programs won't load properly and I uninstall MBAE and run without. Now, after weeks of doing this, I wanted to reinstall v.24, but that does NOT work either as the service won't start. As I don't use System Restore, any suggestions how to get .v24 installed? PS: I use clean_mbae.bat to remove traces of MBAE before reinstall, however, that didn't help. Maybe installing v.40 and then remove it before installing v.24 helps. Seems like a messy way to go...
  12. Not sure my logs are useful as (after re-image to v.24) they only contain the push to v.41 and some trouble thereafter before I removed MBAE totally. If you want them I can PM a zip file to you. If so, do you want to have the .bak files too?
  13. This is what I added to the HOSTS file to avoid having MBAE auto-verison-update and nag me for updates: data-cdn.mbamupdates.com I got the URL from another posting some time ago so I don't know if the address is still correct. FWIW.
  14. As noted in a separate posting, I have similar issues with v.41 blocking the start of Firefox, Thunderbird, IE8 and even MS Word (Office 2003). And my XP Pro computer (SSE) seems sluggish in general as if something is running in the background for whatever reason: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/212171-mbae-110137-download-link/ To be sure that no other program updates caused the trouble, I re-imaged my C: drive back to when MBAE v.24 ran without any issues. But, v.41 was pushed onto me as well. Same issues, this time before the "other" program updates .. so they were eliminated as a possible cause. I'll modify the HOSTS file too to stop updates before I downgrade to whatever version works again. Hopefully v.24. Under settings I use default for the time being. A PITA as MBAE is a program I want to install and forget.
  15. Nope, v.37 doesn't work .. so I uninstalled same and reinstalled v.24 with which I have had no problems to date running on my old XP Pro (SSE only CPU). Here is what happened: MBAE v.37 worked fine after initial install for two days. Then, today after boot (I reboot every morning) and with an old Thunderbird version running I couldn't start IE8 or Firefox ESR 45.9.0 (the final version running on SSE only CPUs). After several reboots v.37 worked sometimes and IE8/Firefox started okay, but to erratic for my taste. So, back to v.24 for now. Oh well.
  16. A. Installed over v.24 and Firefox worked fine, however, IE8 didn't start (stuck at about 4-5,000 kb memory). All settings default. I also tried various combinations of MBAE browser settings, but no change. On to Plan B! B. Uninstalled v.37 and did a clean reinstall. After reboot, both FX and IE seem to work fine. All settings default. I'll leave it at that, so, end testing.
  17. Thanks! I'll check v.37 on my legacy XP Pro box and report back asap.
  18. Whereas works fine on my W7 computers, it doesn't on my legacy XP Pro (SSE only CPU) PC. Neither Firefox nor IE starts. So, I need a download link to Anyone? Thanks.
  19. I'm 'over-subscribed' with other scanners right now .. but I'll try it one day, I'm sure.
  20. Yes and yes. It's good for a 3 PC Premium MBAE licence AND a 3 PC MB3 license. See below.
  21. Point understood .. and I have no problem with it. My point is that, until such time that the (free) full feature v1.10 has been released, I'm happy to renew my MBAE subscription/license, which is a good deal compared to a new 3 PC license for MBAM 3.x.x. Let's see what happens. Over and out...
  22. Just installed v1.09.1.1398. My way to get/keep the premium functionality is to renew my subscription .. even though I have no plans to install MBAM 3.x.x right now. If you don't have a prior subscription for MBAE only .. it may be too late for a good deal. Dunno?!
  23. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/hitmanpro-alert-support-and-discussion-thread.324841/page-522#post-2655910 The above thread regarding HitmanPro.Alert running concurrently with MBAE speaks for itself. In reply to a query I was told this: If you have HMP.A and MBAE installed and you are protecting a browser with both programs, HMP.A prevents MBAE from protecting your browser (or, injecting of the mbae64.dll). Only one program should protect it at the same time. Okay, fine, however, if HMPA can do that what stops another 'nasty' program to prevent MBAE to work correctly? Beats me! The prevention referred to above actually relates to all programs shielded by HMPA and MBAE concurrently.
  24. As mentioned in another beta-thread, MBAE works on my legacy PC with SSE only CPU. Just installed it and .. so far .. it's all good. Hope it stays that way, as I have dropped 1.08 in favor of this 1.09 version .. fwiw.
  25. Okay, thanks. A bit off topic but I noticed that MBAE works on my legacy PC with SSE only CPU. Just installed it and .. so far .. it's all good. Any chance MB3 runs on computers with SSE only or is SSE2 and up required? Thanks.
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