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  1. Good point! I can always try the free and register later. Or, maybe just reinstall v. (this is a joke...)!
  2. Thanks. I suppose I have to install v.3 and play with the options to see if that's what I want. We'll see. Not a waist of a paid license, imo. I'm paying (and have for years) to use (Beta) MBAE. My choice. Somehow the MB guys need money too .. and if most people run only free we may not get the support we need. 😉
  3. Thinking of it, I'm not sure it's such a small subset. Lots and lots of people use MBAM as a demand scanner in parallel with another virus scanner like Norton-Symantec (which I have used since the days of Peter Norton and PCDOS). That said, I use other on demand scanners like MBAR Rootkit, HitmanPro, SuperAntispyware, etc., so I'm okay (famous last word...) regardless.
  4. Thanks. Not ideal, but, it should work. Alternatively, as I don't like "upgrade-nudging", if I install a licensed version of MBAM, how do I set the program options if I want demand scanning only (which allows reinstall of MBAE)? Or is this not a feasible/good idea?
  5. I have no preference other than an option/switch or whatever which would make life easier for my type setup. Maybe there is a 3rd way, like install MBAM normally and then via options disable the inline scanning and MBAE (not sure what it looks like as I have never installed this beast) turning MBAM into a demand scanner. Here, add an option about not changing the configuration during application updates. That way I only have to reinstall MBAE once after setting up MBAM. That said, perhaps your simple (?) command switch idea is better.
  6. I have a 3 PC paid license valid for both MBAE and MBAM. I would like to run MBAE as base protection and MBAM as a demand scanner, however, the above default install setting makes this a bit awkward, to say the least. I'm missing an option at install to allow me to do so. Anyone at Malwarebytes listening?
  7. I'm running on 3 computers: a legacy XP Sp3, a W7-32 and a W7-64. They all run well with one exception: using Compatibility Mode under W7-32. If a Shielded Program (like Thunderbird, Firefox, Skype, TeamViewer) runs in XP Compatibility Mode, MBAE does not protect it: no log entry, no flyout and no mbae.dll process when testing (searching) in Process Explorer. Possibly an oddity, but I need to run Thunderbird in XP Compatibility Mode to get the UI and Icons I prefer. Moreover, possibly related, when clicking on a web-link in TB (while running in XP Compatibility Mode), Firefox starts without MBAE protection even though it's running in normal W7 mode. Odd indeed! Can someone from MB look into this and advise if this is my own problem or if it's an oddity with the 32-bit mbae modules. Thanks.
  8. I forgot to mention that I'm indeed using version .107 already (link). I think my problem is not related to the XP fix referred to in this forum. It's different. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/233619-v1121100-clash-with-acrobat-reader-dc/?do=findComment&comment=1262305
  9. Except for the issues referred to separately (see link), version .107 works fine on my W7-32 laptop. That said, it's footprint is slightly larger and the load/unload of programs a tad slower. As are the fly-outs. Where have all the good coders gone... https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/234623-thunderbird-added-shield-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=1262303
  10. Also, like is the case with Thunderbird, when clicking on a web-link in an email (received in Thunderbird), the Firefox Shield doesn't kick in. But, when starting Firefox normally, the MBAE Shield is activated okay. So, one issue leads to two problems... The culprit seems to be that I run Thunderbird in XP Compatibility Mode, as I prefer the XP-related User Interface. If I revert to running TB in normal W7 mode, both the TB and FX Shields work fine. Go figure! If this has something to do with MBAE or not, I have no idea. However, short of changing the TB User Interface to something I don't like, I need a fix for this. Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks. I installed .107 over .90 on my old legacy XP Pro machine .. and so far okay. No install issues and .107 seems to work on Thunderbird, Firefox, MPClassic, Adobe Reader 11.0.23, TeamViewer and Office 2003 Professional. All settings = default. We'll see how it looks a few days down the road .. before I test on my two W7 laptops. Am I right in assuming that version .107 uses more memory and resources (than .90)?
  12. Does the .107 build incorporate both the Acrobat Reader AND the XP fixes discussed in a separate thread?
  13. I'm running on 3 computers, all of which have an Added Shield for Mozilla Thunderbird. It always worked fine, however, now it works on two (flyout plus log entry), but not on the 3rd (W7-32). I have removed-added, deactivated-activated the TB Shield without success. And I have uninstalled-reinstalled MBAE as well. By the way, other Added Shields work just fine on all 3 computers. Where is the Added Shield settings stored? In the registry or in a file. Any way to check and/or to modify the settings manually? Thanks
  14. I'll try it once you confirm it fixes the Adobe Reader issue as well. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/233619-v1121100-clash-with-acrobat-reader-dc/?do=findComment&comment=1259707 The Adobe Reader is the priority for me as it runs on all my computers. Thanks.
  15. Any news on this? I need a working MBAE version for my legacy XP. Thanks.
  16. Any news on this? I'm still on MBAB .90 with deactivated automatic update. Thanks.
  17. Arthi, where is the op-in/-out setting for this? As a paid subscriber to MBAE I rather decide on telemetry myself ... if at all possible. TIA.
  18. Received, many thanks. I usually keep a few back copies as well, but this time I was auto updated to .90 (and later .100), so I only had .86 at hand. Presumably MB will fix this shortly, however, if not I'll stay with .90 which works fine.
  19. Windows 7 Pro 32-bit and 64-bit (two computers). I have the same issue with Adobe Reader 11.0.23. Please provide a download link for the MBAE version. Thanks.
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