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  1. Hi Ron, Sorry for the late response. The client uses an application named Client Solutions for accounting. They have been using it for ten years and are on the latest version in Windows 7 in a Windows 2008 R2 domain. I installed MBAM and MBAE on the server and all workstations. Right after that, the complained they could not print and their applications were running very slow. it would take 30 minutes for their program to bring up the client info. I was not available that day so all I could suggest is they uninstall both apps. They did that and the problems were immediately resolved
  2. After installing Malwarebytes AM and AE yesterday on a domain with five Windows 7 Pro PC's and one Windows 2008 R2 server, the users say their PC's are very slow, they can't print to a network printer and some programs won't open. One Windows 7 Pc where I didn't install both products works fine. I'm assuming I may need to add exclusions to both products. Malwarebytes AM has the ignore list where I can add the programs and possibly the IP of the network printer. Is there something else that should be adjusted?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I was able to reinstall it and get it working.
  4. MBAM & MBAE for Business subscription were purchased yesterday and downloaded from the link supplied. Installed MBAM with no problem. The icon displayed, app started, ran an update and a full scan. Installed MBAE but the GUI & icon on the taskbar are never displayed after the install. I clicked MBAE in the start menu but it never displayes n icon or notification message at taskbar. I checked the event viewer and there are no entries in the application or system Event logs mentioning Malwarebytes. I rebooted and nothing changes. I opened Word 2013 and the MBAE notification doe
  5. Thanks for the quick response. Following your directions, the app now says protection is active. I will monitor it and let you know if it stops again.
  6. I installed the previous version that appeared to run perfect. Last week the app displayed a message that an upgrade was available so I applied it. Since then, MB Anti-Ransomware intermittently says the protection has stopped. It will not restart after clicking Fix Now or Start protection. The first time it happened, I uninstalled it, preformed a clean reboot and reinstalled it. That worked for a few days and this morning it has stopped working again. I've followed the same directions that you have provided to others with this problem by zipping the two folders and attaching the zip fil
  7. I'm running Windows 7 Pro (fully patched) with the latest anti ransomware beta and it's working perfect from what I see, At times, I provide remote support to clients and want to know if you have built-in protection from any ransomware app that may be running on a remote Pc or server I remotely connect to? All remote sessions are to Windows systems. Thanks for your help!
  8. I've been trying to clean a Win7 pc that was hit with a rootkit and multiple viruses. It's been running Symantec Endpoint Protection which logged tons of Trojans being found but couldn't eliminate the problem. Since then, I installed the trial version of Malwarebytes ver which found and deleted more modules. I activated Scan for Rootkits and kept scanning. After multiple clean scans, I activated the option to Run Malwarebytes Advanced - , Enable Safe Protection Early Start. After selecting that option, I restarted Windows and Malwarebytes started early but it only displayed a w
  9. On a one year old Dell desktop running Win7 pro/64 bit, opening IE8 and typeing in Google.com takes me to the Gaya search page. I've checked IE tools/opes and verified there is no proxy and I deleted the IE temp files. I ran Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware and Symantec Endppoint 11.0.6, Germ Rootkit Scanner and DDS. The logs that showed anything are posted below. Here is the DDS log:. DDS (Ver_2011-06-23.01) - NTFSAMD64 Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385 Run by Ted at 19:23:32 on 2011-08-03 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.8183.6360 [GMT -5:00] . AV: Symantec Endp
  10. OK, It's been a week since I emailed them and I have not received a response. Is this the way they normall communicate with resellers?
  11. I'm not sure where this question should be, so if is in the wrong forum, let me know. I'm a system admin for a 40 user Windows 2000/2003 network. To limit bandwidth, I'd like to setup an automated process that downloads the daily anti-malware updates to the Windows 2003 server and setup the XP/Vista workstations to download it daily at noon from the Windows 2003 server. I've ony used the free version of your anti-malware product so I don't know if the purchased version has this functionality in it. I don't plan on running this on the Windows 2003 server, but is there an server version? I would
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