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  1. Can someone pelase once again tell me the msot recent database and number of blueprints? The other day my database was slow to update, and i noticed the signatures went down, and I jsut updated now, and it doesn't seem I got a much newer update. I'm using 2.09.07 right now
  2. can soemone tell me the latest database that should be showing up when i click udate at time of posting? also number of footprints? thanks
  3. thanks for the replies maniac, but I would lie to avoid uninstalling comodo. I don't think that is what the problem is.
  4. he told me to uninstall comodo. i have no intention of doing that. I dont think that will help, as comodo wasn't the problem.
  5. this is the last post i got from maniac There was a problem between both protections. Now everything should be fine. Please manually delete DDS . Safe surfing! so just follow that?
  6. i dont think i have java on my computer..i cant find any java control panel
  7. Advancedsetup, i posted a screenshot of the files above, did you see it? I dont see any user named ''maniac''' in this thread, so not sure what advice to follow? I am using a free trial of mwb pro, and it never stopped this. Could a driveby happen on an adult move site? I was on those yesterday. Do you think maybe this file was sent to me from a specific person?(i have someone who has threatened me in the past) I'll look at the disabling java link right now. I'm confused on the system restore thing. I dont have any old system restore points, but im confused why you want me to delete/create a new one? I thought norton removed the infection, are you saying should restore my computer!?0 so much work.
  8. ill try to send over what i can, if you guys instruct me how to.
  9. sorry for the trouble, but can you explain what you mean by internet driveby? IDK what to even send, or how. It says it was removed, and that's all the info i have :p/ looks like 5 files were effected.
  10. Daledoc, I'm not sure I understand your post, but my antivirus isn't expired? I also update the definitions of all programs before scans! I have no idea how to submit the file. norton removed the threat. That code in my OP is all ive got firefox, noone has used my computer. Can pornogrophy cause this?
  11. mwb is suposed to detect illegal keyloggers. the rel time protection is worthless if it doesn't prevent this!
  12. Not only did real time protection not work, but the full scan didn't show that I had a keylogger on my system! Norton did though bffedacd-3c94-4434-857d that's what norton found
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