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  1. full system scans on 1.75 took me 20 to 28 mins on mbam 2.0 takes me 1hour 45 legit dont really mind as long as it removes malware
  2. Threat scans don't take long for me legit don't mind anymore at least I'm getting service from the best malware remover and its the best out there and free
  3. i have a ssd and when i scan with other programes they are way faster old mbam always 28 mins
  4. . mbam-log-2014-03-29 (11-33-28).xml mbam-log-2014-03-29 (11-39-08).xml mbam-log-2014-03-29 (11-39-44).xml mbam-log-2014-03-29 (12-28-00).xml
  5. Scan finnished with mbam took me 1 hour 45 nothing got detected btw Firefox did the things u made me download have malware on them ?
  6. The scan is taking me over an hour now whats going on it use to take me 28 mins
  7. now the scan started to continue after the 44 min mark
  8. only have 1 protection log protection-log-2014-03-29.xml CheckResults.txt dds.txt attach.txt
  9. The strange this is it stays at a certain number for a couple of mins ill show a pic the time changes but the currently scanning and object scanned part are not changing for a while
  10. Hi guys with malwarebytes 1.75 it took me like 28 mins to scan right now im scanning with 2.0 its taking much longer whats going on ?
  11. Since my friend isent that great with computers im gonna help him through teamviewer
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