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  1. Hi exile360, Thank you for your explanation. I think that I will leave well enough alone since MB & NS have worked well together. I would never know this happens except for reading NS history report as no flags ever come up & it seems that it refers to only the one same file over & over.
  2. Thank you Firefox for the fast reply, I do not think that I have a tech issue, but it does not hurt to check. Attached mbst-grab-results Kent mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hello, I am using MB 3.4.5 Premium & I have not had any problems with it. I also use Norton Security, & Win 10, spring update (1803). I have never entered any exclusion in MB or NS & have used both programs for years. Should there be exclusions set because of the following? Norton Security history log shows a continual blocking (although it never triggers a flag) of: PROGRAM FILES\MALWAREBYTES\ANTI-MALWARE\MBAMSERVICE.EXE With the target being: PROGRAM FILES\NORTON SECURITY WITH BACKUP\ENGINE\\NORTON SECURITY.EXE
  4. Good Morning, (Los Angeles, CA time) I found out a while back that fast start, Norton, & Malwarebytes, at times do not get along. When a windows update/upgrade is pushed fast start is turned on by default & again needs to be turned off should you not want it to run. I find that fast start at times can also affect the release of memory & can lead to a slow almost unusable computer. Leaving your computer on 24 hours with no shut down also can make a difference. Right now it seems that with fast start on, they are working OK with each other. Fast start changes both
  5. Hello, I have been using MB3.4.5 for a few days now & it shows all protections & settings working perfectly & as setup. As shown in Windows , Norton security & MB are both running (as anti virus programs) & in the register Malwarebytes is set to let it make the choice. Is that the way to leave it? or should MB be set to never register? Screen grabs attached. Thanks again, & it looks like I am running OK Kent.
  6. Hi Ron, I ran the cleanup utility & downloaded 3.4.5 with no problem, everything looks to be running OK. I also ran a scan with rootkit enabled & it ran OK. I noticed that the Heuristics analysis part of scan runs way faster than in the old MBAM I was using. In case needed I am attaching the mb-clean-results & new FRST scans. Thanks again for your help, & is there anything else I should do? Kent mb-clean-results.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Hi, The MB-Clean how to use it instructions says will backup license for 3.x only! So, should I first deactivate my license in MBAM 2 & then run the cleanup ? I want to make sure so as not to have to deal with a too many in use re license. Thanks again, Kent
  8. Good Morning Ron, I will do the upgrade. Will the MB clean tool uninstall the other MB programs I have running or does that need to be done separately? Also do my FRST logs show any problems that need taken care of?
  9. FRST files attached Kent FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Hi Ron, I have not yet tried to download or run MB3, I am still using the out of date MBAM Premium which is why I asked you how best to proceed. I do follow the forum & would hope not to run into any of the problems that are posted re: MB3 & that has probably kept me from changing before now. Using the old MBAM & other beta programs along with Norton Security has worked well for me. Not to confuse things more, I also have never had to add any exclusions to Norton & would need to know those also. Appreciate your time & help. Thank yo
  11. Hello Ron, I run MBAM 2 so before I start do I need to first uninstall the MB programs that are in use on my computer . These are running: Anti Exploit Beta, Anti Ransomware Beta, & MBAM premium,. I also have the Anti ransomware Beta Program on my computer (scan results said clean) The driver that did not load was in the MBAM 2 threat scan. Thank you, Kent (irhere)
  12. Hello, Do I have a problem? System is: Win 10, MBAM premium MBAE (beta) MBAR (beta) Norton Security I have not yet tried to run or use MB3 & stops the scan. With Rootkit unchecked the scan runs & shows no detections. (although the scan log shows Rootkit enabled, even though it did not run.) Up until now I have not had any problem running with Rootkit enabled.
  13. Hello, Screen shot shows MBAR is running. Icon in tray also shows at boot up now. It seems that the icon started to show after the last windows update (installed on 8/9), but I do not know why that should have made a difference. Thanks for getting back to me, I think that this can be closed for now.
  14. Hi Jong, The zipped archive file was over allowed size & could not be attached. There is no error message to display. The previous version of MBAR would on startup show in tray as running. This new version does not, so I open program up manually & then it does show in tray. Question: is it already running on startup or not until I open it. On this (WIN 10) computer the following are installed (& all seem to be working OK). MBAM premium MBAE Beta MBAR Beta Thank You, Kent
  15. Hi, Down loaded . & says running OK. Only problem is that the icon in system tray no longer appears on boot up as it did in previous version, so I have to bring up the program to make sure it is running. Miner issue as I have had no other problems with anti ransomware. I run Win 10, Norton 360, MBAM premium, anti exploit beta, & anti ransomware beta Have not yet tried to go to MB 3 as all in use right now get along fine & I have not had any problems using any of them. Thank you,
  16. In my original post I meant to say Exploit & not ransomware. Sorry about that-- my bad! Everything is good now.
  17. I was able to find the correct link & anti exploit is running OK now. Thank you.
  18. Hello I am looking for anti exploit not anti ransomware. Than you
  19. Hi, Starting today MBAE says taking too long to open, reboot computer. Does not open. I run MBAM home premium, MBARW free, & MBAE free. I see that a new Anti ransomware is out. If I follow the link to it as shown, the page says file format not supported. What is the correct way for me to get the anti ransomware working again. Thank you,
  20. Hello, Computer is running Windows 10, Norton 360, MBAM Home Premium, MB Anti-Ransomware (beta), & MB Anti-Exploit Free. I have not yet tried to use MB3. This started when I saw that Norton 360 tray icon was no longer showing & Norton desktop will not open. Norton 360 autofix says cannot make a repair. I downloaded Norton remove & replace (NRnR) which showed on desktop but also would not open I had to try many times to get FRST to open & finally got it to work once. It too did not want to open. These programs that have to do with N
  21. The tray icon for the current MBAM is very faded compared to previous version icon. It could use some brightening up so as to be more visible. Just my 2 cents, Thank you,
  22. Are the posted links to malicious tx live to a bad site? Or will it come up for demonstration purposes? My question is: Should this link not have been posted? Thank you,
  23. Shrugged, Your reply is greatly appreciated. It seems that more attention needs to be paid to how a program that is in use works. Does this hold true for both scan & real time? Then should a scan only be run when it can be watched & what about real time? Since the false/positive problem, I would like to see MBAM provide more insight as to how to handle this. Thanks for your reply.
  24. My laptop log shows that it ran a scheduled scan using database 07.26.09 at 3:43:07pm on 7/26/13. Luckily, although it was set to auto quarantine nothing was found & it did not cause any problems with my computer. I have since set it to not auto quarantine in case this problem this should happen again. Is that the best way go for now? Also it seems to me that MBAM has not yet come out with a proper announcement & alert regarding this matter.
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