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  1. Thanks, We are on ver and it appears that is current. If I wanted to upgrade how would I go about doing that?
  2. How can I determine what version of MBam enterprise edition I am on and if I need an upgrade? I can see the client version in admin/client package but am unsure what the server version is. Thanks in advance
  3. I am removing them from AD itself. I have updated the login credentials on the MBam server and will wait and see.
  4. I have been actively cleaning our Active directory to clean out almost 300 machines that are showing as unregistered on the MBam server. Machines have been removed from AD but are still showing in Mbam several weeks later. Our MBam server syncs with AD every 10 minutes. Is something wrong? Can I manually clean up these systems?
  5. Hi, We use MBam enterprise in our organization. Is this something that will be or is integrated with the enterprise product or is it an add-on? Thanks in advance,
  6. Good to know and thanks for the follow up. It is running 2008 R2. I'll do an audit of our servers now that I know that. Thanks again.
  7. I have an interesting one for discussion. We put MBAM enterprise on a file server on 4/1. Yesterday around 11am we learned no one on an OS older than Vista could connect to shares pre-reboot/Malwarebytes uninstall (this also affected Linux/samba) My sys admins blamed MBAM and removed it during a reboot. The console shows logs show MBAM running fine with nothing being blocked or captured. I can't see how MBAM might have been the root cause. Are there any logs that might reside on the file server that might give me further insight?
  8. I have working through trying to determine where my 600 or unregistered clients are. It seems a fair portion are shown in the client view in duplication. What I will see is a machine that is installed and reporting fine and next to it in the list is the same machine name as unregistered. I took a look at my AD structure as I know the MBAM server syncs every 10 minutes but don't see anything amiss there. Any insight as to why I might see this sort of duplication or what I can do about it?
  9. Today I had an issue come to my desk where our corporate antivirus engine (Mcaffee) and our Enterprise MBam didn't catch a zeroaccess rootkit on some systems. As I dug deeper the fix became the use of the MBam anti-rootkit and combofix. I'm interested to get an idea of how might be able to incorporate the rootkit tool corporately. Will this tool be an add on feature for enterprise in the future, incorporated in the program etc? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have a policy that kicks off a flash scan daily at 2pm. I was looking to bolster that with a full scan initiated at 10am once per month. I was able to successfully add the scheduled scan alongside the 2pm scan in the policy but the scan did not start as scheduled. Should I be able to schedule multiple scans in the same policy? Is there a bug or is anyone else successfully doing this? Thanks in advance.
  11. I am working to create a GP using built in AD tools on Server08 R2 that will install the managed client. First I need the client in an MSI format. Is there a way to generate the client in MSI through the application or will I need to find a third party tool to wrap the exe? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi J, For an as yet unknown reason the right click remove option is grayed out in my install. (I haven't figured out completely why but have been asking around in another topic) I was able to get information that advised me that once I remove a computer from AD directory the console will sync (for me every ten minutes) and the machine will be dropped. This has seemed to work.
  13. I've gleaned some more insight. These seem to be machines that are no longer on the network. For example we have been upgrading machines from XP to Win7. Those that have different names in AD have been deployed to successfully. For the rest I have not been able to find a way to purge them from the Console. The machines are actively being cleaned out of Active Directory computer OUs but this doesn't remove them in the console. I also tried rescanning the OU's from the admin client deploy tab but this still leaves old machines. Does anyone have insight into how to best manage maintaining
  14. I may have found the setting under 'other settings' in the admin section. I am set to sync to AD every 10 minutes. I will contact the support team at this point. Thanks again.
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