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  1. Kevin, I understand. At this point I'm thinking its time for a new computer. Mine is 10 yrs. old running on windows xp, an outdated system. Thanks for all your help, it was greatly appreciated. richie
  2. Kevin, It made no difference, the problem is still there. richie
  3. No improvement at all, the problem is still present. Have you been able to find any information at all as to what type of virus this is ? I hope its not able to spread to the other of my computers on my home wireless network. richie
  4. Hi Kevin, TapiSrv, = Telephony service gave me an error msg, "could not stop error 1503" I could not find 2 of the services, SharedAccess, = Internet Connection Sharing wuauserv, = Windows Update richie
  5. Hi again Kevin, I could not find several of the services in the list, they are...... EventSystem lanmanserver lanmanworkstation Netman, RasMan, Schedule, SENS, SharedAccess, TapiSrv, TrkWks, W32Time, wscsvc, wuauserv, The others had no effect when shut down. richie
  6. Well, that was a fun morning. All the files checked out OK at Virustotal. I noticed that 3 of the processes use the same file it is a "shsvcs.dll" file.The SFC scan did not find any corrupt system files. richie
  7. Well, that was a fun morning. All 28 files checked out ok when analyzed at virustotal. Also, the sfc scan did not find any corrupt system files. richie
  8. There is no service named "Browser". richie
  9. 28. Post #52 has them listed in the PID.txt attachment. richie
  10. Yes, I can do that but it doesn't show how much CPU usage each one is using that's associated with that service host. richie
  11. Here it is, richie Hardware Interrupts and DPCs.txt
  12. Can't figure out how to expand service with high CPU in order to see the indivdual services withih it and their CPU usage. richie
  13. Kevin, Here is the PID that has been slowing the PC to a crawl. PID.txt
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