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  1. hello as a original Beta tester of the first Versions Malwarebytes since July 19, 2007 i was thinking on trying this new 3.0 Beta but my lifetime license i got for testing will not work this happened before with a version in 2015 and i asked support for help to reset and they said they could not find my license but would fix it anyhow and it worked for like 6 months and now will not accept my license anymore so not sure what to do could i get some help or should i ask support again thanks James
  2. if you upgrade to Win 10 from a OEM Win 8 Computer be aware if you have a OEM Windows 8 computer (Hewlett-Packard,Acer,Toshiba ect.) and installed Windows 8.1 it adds a extra 350mb recovery partition now if you had to restore back to Windows 8 from the OEM recovery Partition the extra 350mb recovery gets left on the hard drive now from a fresh install back to Windows 8 from the OEM recovery partition you upgrade to Windows 8.1 it adds another 350mb recovery partition so now there is 2 350mb recovery partition and if you keep going back to Windows 8 from the OEM recovery partition and upgrade to Windows 8.1 it adds another Windows defrag see's these 350mb recovery partition as Local Disk (\\?\VOLUME and can not defrag them this persion had this happen to him (13 350mb recovery partitions) Too Many Recovery Partitions i also found this Too many recovery partitions Windows 8.1 in post #2 topgundcp says "If you have another HD then I would suggest to re-install the OS and get ready to upgrade to Windows 10. Having too many reserved partitions might cause upgrade to Windows 10 to fail as seen in Windows 10 Forum." i'v asked this question at the Microsoft Community forum on July 8 the Microsoft Support Engineer says that if i try to upgrade with the added 350mb partitions Windows 10 will not install and could be trouble and says i should Wipe the Hard drive and reinstall ok i know how to do this but what about everyone else to me i think people should know about this before Windows 10 is out what do you think? this is a post i asked this same James