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  1. I've just rescanned and the FP no longer shows. Thanks miekiemoes.
  2. Hi, MBAM is detecting the the current version of adwcleaner as a trojan, I believe this to be a false positive. MBAM_detection.txt adwcleaner_4.200.zip
  3. Hello, With a 64bit version of Firefox arround the corner (it's available for FF 38.0), would someone in the know please tell me if MBAE would support it? In other words if I use a 64bit version of Firefox am I still protected by MBAE. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, With a 64bit version of Firefox arround the corner (it's available for FF 38.0), would someone in the know please tell me if MBAM would support it? In other words if I use a 64bit version of Firefox am I still protected by MBAM. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. 6029KingStephen, you're welcome. I'm glad I could help.
  6. Hello 6029KingStephen, I had this same problem yesterday the line in my HOSTS file that MBAM objected to was: stats.mbamupdates.com Seems like it's a Malwarebytes site for collecting Stats. I deleted the line from my HOSTS file and MBAM then scanned clean. I hope this helps.
  7. Additional: For the Fn + F5 (its F5 on my computer, might be different on yours) to change the brightness you have to have the Samsung "Easy Display Manager" installed. Check to see that the program is still installed. If its not installed goto the Samsung website look up the model of your computer and it will display all the software dowloads that were pre-installed on your model of PC, if you need to you can download the "Easy display manager" again, once installed reboot you system and Fn + F5 should work again.
  8. Hello blinsinftw, Try this: 1. Type POWER into the search box in the start menu. 2. Select POWER OPTIONS from the list. 3. There should be a sliding bar at the bottom of the window that opens to adjust the screen brightness. Please note this works on my Samsung RF511, but I'm not sure if it will work on yours if it is a different model, worth a try though. I hope this helps.
  9. I should have mentioned in my previous post that as far as I can remember the custom shield function is only available in the paid version. Yes, the program auto-updates when a new version is available.
  10. Yes, I meant MBAM Pro with active shields. I'm by no means an expert, I'm sure another user a lot more qualified than me will chip in here, but I'll try and answer your questions. MBAE is a stand alone program and does not need to be installed additionally as a pulgin or addon into the browser. The program appears in the system tray near the clock (bottom right of the screen). There is no database so no need for frequent updates. You can create custom shields, so any program not covered with the default settings can be added separately.
  11. Hello thekochs, I don't use Avast, but I do run Malwarebytes anti exploit, MBAM, Kaspersky internet security, CryptoPrevent, and Open DNS, they all play nicely together. I hope this helps.
  12. Hello NoStress, I've used KeyScrambler premium for over a year, it is a legitimate piece of security software. I've never had any problems with it, or any conflicts with any other software. Please note: I am not connected with KeyScrambler in any way, I'm just a normal user. I hope this alleviates some of your doubts.
  13. David H.Lipman, I feel your pain, it gave me a headache just reading this thread. I've managed to spill a freshly made cup of tea all over myself laughing at your gif's, luckily it's only me thats been scalded and not my computer.
  14. Hi Francios_Blais, Although I use Firefox I don't use flash player, it's more trouble than it's worth, not to mention the countless times it's been exploited by malware. I usually just use the HTML5 player. Anyway I'm glad you have sorted it out, It seems as though my hanging problem is over as well. We're literally 5 minutes from starting our Christmas meal (can't wait). Seasons greetings and enjoy the day. Regards.
  15. Daledoc1 thank you for your insight, I must admit that I too have not noticed any change in behaviour since disabling the plugins and addons.
  16. Thanks for the reply daledoc1, I seem to recall in previous posts you mentioned that you use KIS, if that is the case do you have the pluggins and addons enabled or disabled, your insight would be most welcome. Kind regards.
  17. Hi daledoc1, I've had the KIS plugins and addons in Firefox disabled for about 3 hours, no hangs so far. I've had a question posted over on the KIS forum (Is there any detriment to my security by disabling the "Content Blocker" plugin?) http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=313325 I've not had a satisfactory response yet. I don't suppose you have any idea about this. Your help would be appreciated.
  18. Good morning and happy Christmas to you all. Francois_Blais, I'm still looking into this and will still try and help if I can. For me although switching the about:config preference in Firefox (which I posted in the other thread you quoted) helped alot, it has not solved the problem entirely for me (I am now getting a couple of freezes a day rather than a couple an hour). Do you have Kaspersky internet security installed (I do)? I'm thinking that the Kaspersky plugins and addons (in Firefox) might have somthing to do with it, because when there is a freeze I can see an error message pertaining to the "Kaspersky Content Blocker" plugin in the "Firefox Error Console". I need to do some more testing with this, but it might take a while because as I said I'm only getting a couple of freezes a day now. As soon as I have anything to report I will post here. Regards.
  19. Francois_Blais, you're welcome, I'm only gald I could help.
  20. I just thought I'd update forum members on my Firefox freezing problem (it seems as though it has nothing to do with MBAE). Yesterday I discovered a preference in Firefox about:config: layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled the default is set to "true" but switching it to "false" seems to have cured the problem. Firefox 33+ introduced new render features which it seems have been reported to have made tabs hang on some systems and this preference is part of those features. I've been running with the said preference switched to false for about 12 hours and I've not had a single hang so far (touch wood).
  21. Hi, I have been using MBAE with KIS ever since MBAE was first available in beta, i've never had a single conflict. There is no need to make adjustments in either pieces of software to get them to rub along nicely together.
  22. Hi, I'm getting Firefox freezing for about 4 - 5 seconds about a couple of times an hour. seems to have happend since It seems to occur when doing a lot of mouse clicks in a short space of time (clicking on links, tabs etc).
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