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  1. Additional: For the Fn + F5 (its F5 on my computer, might be different on yours) to change the brightness you have to have the Samsung "Easy Display Manager" installed. Check to see that the program is still installed. If its not installed goto the Samsung website look up the model of your computer and it will display all the software dowloads that were pre-installed on your model of PC, if you need to you can download the "Easy display manager" again, once installed reboot you system and Fn + F5 should work again.
  2. Hello blinsinftw, Try this: 1. Type POWER into the search box in the start menu. 2. Select POWER OPTIONS from the list. 3. There should be a sliding bar at the bottom of the window that opens to adjust the screen brightness. Please note this works on my Samsung RF511, but I'm not sure if it will work on yours if it is a different model, worth a try though. I hope this helps.
  3. Hello nippa, I has the same problem when I bought MBAE premium, I cancelled my subscription renewal via the link in the cleverbride email. I was sent an email with the exact words you quoted. Quote: Your subscription of "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium" has been cancelled. Your subscription for "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium" started on I found it a little confusing, so I phoned them up to query it, they confirmed it was just the payment renewal that had been cancelled and not the MBAE subscription, in other words you should still have your full year to run on your software.
  4. Hi puff_m_d, Thank you for the step by step instructions for cancelling pre-approved payment on PayPal. It seem as though, In my case at least, that no auto-renewal for payment of MBAE was set on my account. Hopefully that will be the case for other users using Paypal. BTW when I was a child the Puff the Magic Dragon song use to make me cry.
  5. Yes, MBAM version is out, I've just updated.
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