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  1. Hello Ron. A happy new year to you and yours. I tried to do the Farbar but got the message 'FRST.EXE is not commonly down loaded and could harm your computer' AdwCleaner[C1].txt
  2. I have a desktop with a Host issues and I am on my laptop that is hardly running at all. It is a Windows 7, IE11, 64 bit. Like ,my desktop, I can't go to PayPal even from Google,
  3. I don't think that HostsMan is the problem. I've been using it for years. Farbar results included. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. I just tried opera and have the same page can not be displayed message. I did a 'search programs and files' and discovered that I still have some ghosts of HostsMan still in my machine even though it is not on my uninstall program list. That's probably why, when I try to click on a Google ad , I get that same page not displayed message. Should I go to the Hosts website?
  5. I am currently waiting on the phone for PayPal tech support. I am going to try another browser and see if that works if need be. Thanks for everybody's help. That's why I love this website and will continue to be a premium member. Update- I downloaded and have Chrome to use. The Chrome page will not open to PayPal; can you believe it? I was waiting for over 40 minutes for customer service at PayPal and the call was dropped
  6. It is time for me to renew my subscription. I use PayPal to make my payment. Every time I try to access PayPal, I get a page can not be displayed page. What to do?
  7. Thanks Yoan, I guess my machine ia acting persnickety. It's good to know it's clean.. BTW, my machine has been running at a glacial pace. Would you please help me?
  8. Hello Yoan, What a pretty name. Does it have a special meaning? I look forward to working with you as well. My laptop has been acting peculiar lately. I have never been hacked so far. so I really don't know what to look for. The expression better safe than sorry is why I am here now. Anne
  9. FYI- The first link failed so I needed to scan through the premium software and it showed no bad files. Also, I use Avast anti-viral FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Hello all, It has been a long time since the I have been here. My laptop is acting strangely. When I turn it on,, it gets stuck on my home sign in page and no matter how many tines I try to divert to a book marked page, it is a problem. A couple days ago I tried to access my bank website and suspect I was diverted to a spoof window (uncertain). When I opened my Malewarebytes page today, I couldn't access my premium key that I have on my desktop. This is a Windows 7 laptop 64 bit, Windows Explorer 11, connected to a password protected WI-FI network. My hard wired desktop seems to be working fine. What should I do? Anne
  11. Hello Kirkpatrick, I am not having any heat issues. I suggest that you open a new topic. Anne
  12. Hello Ron, Please forgive my late reply. I have been sick in bed the. last couple of days or so. I will remove the router cable to the laptop tomorrow. What will the factory reset do to my machine? Anne
  13. My desktop is hard wired to my router. My laptop is connected on the my Wi-Fi.
  14. The last time I needed help I got it from a Microsoft tech by remote to fix my not getting my security updates I do recall something about MS's Defender reinstalled. Come to think of it, that is just about the time I started to have problems with the my laptop. I have my own router and use Comcast as my service provider. At this time, what can we do?
  15. The topic where went to get the three logs was a closed topic. The three logs are attached to this message. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  16. Assistance obtaining computer system information is a closed topic. what to do?
  17. Hello, For whatever reason, my laptop has become very slow despite my best efforts to have a clean machine. If someone would be so kind as to help me with the usual software to be rid of whatever is slowing things down. Anne
  18. Firefox, Now I know why I was going in circles. It has been long enough that I had forgotten that I need to start a new topic. Thank you. Just so no one here accuses me of having two open topics at the same time, please close this topic. I hope someone helps me in the topic I started to go through all of the software to clean my machine; it has always worked before.
  19. I looked at my past posts and I wish I can get a redo of a closed topic I worked with Ron on that one and it all went well. "My machine is moving at a glacial pace"
  20. Hello Firefox, I feel like I am going in circles here. I used your link to Windows PC Help and all I find deals with secuity updates. Where is the old topic for a list of self help clean up tools? It used to work like a charm for me when I needed it. Does it even exist anymore? Anne
  21. Hello Mike, I went to the forum for self help and it seems to just be for Windows 7 update issues which is not the case for me. What to do? Anne
  22. Hello folks, Would someone please respond to me? All of my old topics are closed. As I said before; if I can get to the correct forum for self help for a slow computer, I would greatly appreciate it. Anne
  23. Hello, It has been quite a while since I posted a topic and the past ones are all closed. My laptop is running very slow. I did a scan with both my MB and my Avast and came up zero for potential problems. Assistance will be most appreciated. Anne FYI- If someone would please tell me where in this website is the self help topic because I can't find the one I usually go to.
  24. Hello, It has been a long time since I have had a slow machine and I want to fix it. Would someone point me to the right forum? Anne
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