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  1. So....I got redirected to a "filmon.com", didn't click an ad or anything. Ran a scan, nothing bad. Computer seems fine, faster even. Dunno why. Googled "filmon", legit company, safe site.
  2. Does skype count as P2P? I ran a scan with MBAM, nothing got detected.
  3. A while ago, these two MBAM popups came up, saying that it blocked an attempt from Chrome to connect to a "publicintelligence.net", this has never happened before, and I'm concerned that I might be infected. I looked up the IP, it was located in Croatia. According to virustotal.com and google safebrowsing, the site is totally safe. Is it a false positive, or should I take further action?
  4. Starting about 2-3 weeks ago, my PC began to lag alot more when it came to the internet and other applications, I began losing connection alot more, and, me, being suspicious of it, decided to run scans (I run them daily). Full, Quick, Cusom, on things like Avast, MBAM, SUPERantispyware, etc, all came up with nothing except tracking cookies. A few hours ago, my computer randomly BSOD'd. Its 4 years old, Windows 7, I believe 64 bit, and an ACER. I'd like help to see if I'm actually infected or not, and, if I am, how to clean my computer. All help is welcome!
  5. Thanks! I checked all 3 files that were modified today, and all except Flashplayerinstaller.exe was clean, with 1/54. Don't know if that helps anything. Here's a screenshot of the thing the Firewall asked (Not question, but something close, I hope).
  6. This happened to me before, it usually just takes a while to process. The new versions slow.
  7. Hello MBAM forums! Today (A little over an hour ago, 3:00 PM EST), I came back from doing some work outside, and when my computer screensaver goes away, theres a message from my firewall (PC Tools Firewall), saying that Adobe Flash Player Installer/Uninstaller 14.0 r0 wants to access the internet. Having not done anything like this before, I click "details". Seemed legitimate enough. After clicking "Accept", I googled it. Apparently someone on bleepingcomputer downloaded it the same way, firewall asked and then accept, and later on he got a Trojan, Zeroacess.exe. I decided to run a few scans
  8. I'm really sorry, but do I need to uninstall it? I have a really tight schedule, and I'm wondering if there are any other ways to fix it.
  9. Hi, I got the newest version, all updated and everything, but starting just now, I got a popup saying that my malicious website blocker wasn't on. I opened up MBAM, and I clicked the "FIX NOW". Everything else is working fine, but when I click on that, nothing happens. I was wondering how I could fix this and get the malware blocked back?
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