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  1. Well, sadly it does not appear coincidence then. There's the old ominous note on the End of Life page: "...You may continue to use the older version at your own risk, but the product may no longer provide ongoing protection updates, maintenance, or patches..." Hoping they didn't decide to simply end protection updates on September 1, 2021. If so, I wonder if we could get confirmation of it.
  2. I had been running without issues, until today, when after rebooting my Vista (yes, I know) desktop I saw down in the system tray a little red triangle with white exclamation mark. Opening Malwarebytes it said "your updates are not current." Clicking "Check for updates" gave the usual quick green status bar but alas no updates were apparently found since the above messages persisted. So I took the advice of those wiser than I in here and did an over-the-top install to version, component package version 1.0.365, Update package version 1.0.22556. Worked great. Looked great. It exclaimed: "Awesome! You're protected" and Updates: Current. Also no red triangle over the blue Malwarebytes icon. Hooray! However, minutes later I get the ominous red triangle and Your updates are not current: I click "Check for updates" and get the usual green status bar for a moment, but nothing else. Everything remains as the image above. If I close, then quit Malwarebytes (by right clicking the system tray icon) the re-launch Malwarebytes I get the top picture saying everything is awesome...for about 10 minutes, then I get the lower picture & the red triangle. BTW, I got the exact behavior Before installing quitting and awesome but just for minutes then updates not current w/the red triangle. What changed? I had been blissfully running 3.1 forever without the red triangle that won't update or go away. Now I get the same behavior with this latest legacy 3.5 version. I'm confused. I'm shopping for a Win10 desktop, but will keep the Vista machine also (long story) so I just want to make sure nothing is wrong and understand what changed suddenly; why am I getting this new behavior? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Imacri, Thank you for the info. (I do actually have ad blocker but I disabled it because sites I've long since forgotten objected to it). I'm embarrassed to admit I thought that since I now have a Legacy product (and even an apparently outdated legacy product at that), clicking the "Install now" button for a "New and improved version of Malwarebytes is available" would result in a fail to install the last legacy update, just a new version that my system would fail to install because I am on Vista. Fear of clicking something and left naked & afraid, seemed to be worse that continuing on w/ancient 3.1.2. If you (or anyone) can assure me I can indeed click without fear (to "upgrade" to and it'll actually happen this late in the game, then I'd give it a go. I read the FAQ you listed, thanks. Still...old Malwarebytes is better than no Malwarebytes, if that makes sense.
  4. Portos, Apologies for any faux pas. I was under the impression it had indeed been worked out - no malware present. So I posted on this thread what I thought was more nuts & bolts question as opposed to a request for assistance for malware removal help.
  5. Thank you for you quick and informative response. There may indeed be something shady going on because when I navigated to the developer's website and clicked the "Support" tab I was met with a firestorm of re-direct to re-direct, sometimes landing on a clothing vendor's site, sometimes landing on a dating site, sometimes landing on a strange 'your gender and age matter to us' so please click on the buttons that correspond to your gender and (exact) age -- in other words a different site each of the three times I tried to get to their support page. I don't know what is going on but it probably isn't good, and I don't plan on going back a fourth time. Thanks again..
  6. OK, thank you for your help. I got rid of those things you recommended I remove. I also cleaned up Firefox. The problem persisted. Out of dumb luck I "fixed" the issue by disabling a Firefox Add-on (That has been on my system without incident for years - a video downloader). With this Add-on disabled I no longer get the website blocked pop-up (which seems unrelated to the video downloader website)!? No idea what this all means, but thank you for all your assistance. BTW, I made a post on the Malwarebytes for Windows subforum asking for more specifics on what happened and what does it mean. Thanks again!
  7. I recently posted on the malware removal forum; the threat scan & logs showed no threats. For the first time ever (the past 2 days) - while launching Firefox, a green Malwarebytes pop-up indicates: Website blocked Domain: findresults.site IP Address: Port: 0 Type: Inbound I "solved" this blocked popup by disabling a Firefox add-on (a video downloader I've had on my system for years without incident). (BTW, yes, I am ashamed I'm on an old system (Vista, and running Malwarebytes, but am in the process of upgrading). MY QUESTIONS: 1) What the heck does this all mean? Am I infected but Malwarebytes threat scans can't find it? 2) What does it mean that a site (apparently unrelated to my Add-on) is trying to contact my computer upon launching Firefox? 3) Why would disabling that one Add-on eliminate the (unrelated) website blocked pop-up? 4) Is everything OK now - can I stop fretting about this? Thank you for your consideration
  8. First, thank you Root Admin for your impressive prompt response. I hear you about how old my computer, and the image backup. Some additional information that I originally failed to provide may be useful to you: 1) I can launch Chrome without the previously mentioned Malewarebytes pop-up of the blocked website. (very confusing -- it ONLY happens with Firefox). 2) I rarely use Chrome. I use Firefox for 99% of my web activity. 3) I Never sign into a Google account using Chrome, so my profile in Chrome is rather non-existent. In fact, I'm sure I've Never signed into a google account on this computer - whether using Firefox OR Chrome. I don't even know what synching or google cloud is (yes, I am old). Thus I am unable to follow the Chrome/google instructions provided in your link. 4) At the risk of showing even more stupidity than using a Vista 2009 computer, I'm not sure how to get rid of those four items you mentioned above. 5) Eager to do what can be done on an antique car of a system I currently (hopefully not for long) drive. Best Regards,
  9. Greetings experts, You have saved me i the past. This time I am seeing something odd for the first time ever (the past 2 days) - a green Malwarebytes pop-up indicating: Website blocked Domain: findresults.site IP Address: Port: 0 Type: Inbound This popup only happens when I first launch Firefox using Google as the homepage (I also changed the homepage to DuckDuckGo and the same popup happens upon launching firefox). Note: I've searched this site for both Findresults.site and the IP address above but have found nothing mentioned here. Note: I've also Googled the both and came up rather empty; nothing obvious (to me) I am concerned. What exactly has happened? BTW, I realize my system is old and deserve a scolding - I'm working on ordering a new (modern) computer. Please find attached Threat Scan logs, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt Thank you for your consideration FRST.txt Addition.txt Threat Scan Log 061021.txt
  10. 1) I am a happy user of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium. 2) I used to also run it with Microsoft Security Essentials but I recently uninstalled the MSE (via the simple add/remove method I believe). 3) I am running Vista Home Premium 64-bit If I try out an antivirus program that has been on the list of programs supposedly known to work with Malwarebytes am I screwed because I already have Malwarebytes installed? Do I HAVE to install the antivirus first, then Malwarebytes second? From reading these forums I know better than to ask for a recommendation of what antivirus to buy...but hopefully it is OK to ask for the official Malwarebytes recommendation of what to do in terms of order of installing/uninstalling. Thanks
  11. Hello, I believe I have had these files on my computer for quite some time as I once downloaded them from Geeks to Go or Bleeping Computer when I was having a problem with some sort of infection. Curiously, they have never poped up on my daily Malwarebytes scan until last night. Is this a false positive? Are they imposters of the real programs and really Trojans? Any assistance would be appreciated as I am somewhat perplexed with all of this. (dev log and files attached) Thanks Mbyte false pos.rar
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