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  1. First, thank you Root Admin for your impressive prompt response. I hear you about how old my computer, and the image backup. Some additional information that I originally failed to provide may be useful to you: 1) I can launch Chrome without the previously mentioned Malewarebytes pop-up of the blocked website. (very confusing -- it ONLY happens with Firefox). 2) I rarely use Chrome. I use Firefox for 99% of my web activity. 3) I Never sign into a Google account using Chrome, so my profile in Chrome is rather non-existent. In fact, I'm sure I've Never signed into a google ac
  2. Greetings experts, You have saved me i the past. This time I am seeing something odd for the first time ever (the past 2 days) - a green Malwarebytes pop-up indicating: Website blocked Domain: findresults.site IP Address: Port: 0 Type: Inbound This popup only happens when I first launch Firefox using Google as the homepage (I also changed the homepage to DuckDuckGo and the same popup happens upon launching firefox). Note: I've searched this site for both Findresults.site and the IP address above but have found nothing mentio
  3. 1) I am a happy user of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium. 2) I used to also run it with Microsoft Security Essentials but I recently uninstalled the MSE (via the simple add/remove method I believe). 3) I am running Vista Home Premium 64-bit If I try out an antivirus program that has been on the list of programs supposedly known to work with Malwarebytes am I screwed because I already have Malwarebytes installed? Do I HAVE to install the antivirus first, then Malwarebytes second? From reading these forums I know better than to ask for a recommendation of what antivirus to buy...bu
  4. Hello, I believe I have had these files on my computer for quite some time as I once downloaded them from Geeks to Go or Bleeping Computer when I was having a problem with some sort of infection. Curiously, they have never poped up on my daily Malwarebytes scan until last night. Is this a false positive? Are they imposters of the real programs and really Trojans? Any assistance would be appreciated as I am somewhat perplexed with all of this. (dev log and files attached) Thanks Mbyte false pos.rar
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