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  1. Sorry, I misread the title. You can delete my previous message and will post it in the link you provided.
  2. When I am trying to update VCL Player it gives me the message "Exploit Blocked" False Positive? O:
  3. I have another computer which I use to write essays, complete tests, etc. But this time, I went to a website to download some Garry's Mods mods. So I've opened the archive and it came with some image files in a (.jpg) extension for instructions. When I opened the image and closed it, My programs started opening all by it self, so has the Start Menu. I use COMODO Internet Security as my AV choice along with MalwareBytes and it has not detected it as a virus or anything it hasn't picked up an alert. I am now investigating my processes list and I see nothing suspicious, I am very self aware about this situation I don't know if this hacker is recording my keystrokes and possibly trying to steal my passwords. In my process list in Task Manager I see nothing besides legit processes, I do how ever see 3 (dllhost.exe) And all the other processes running seem legit. Hackers these days are getting more clever. I have ran many utilities such as: CCleaner to do a minor system clean up in the %temp% directory, and have checked also %appdata% in CMD to see if anything suspicious but so far I see nothing. Every 30-40 minutes Google Chrome minimizes and then maximizes without me actually hovering my mouse and doing that. I'm very concerned what could be the problem. I have MalwareBytes Malware (Pro) Paid.
  4. I was using the outdated version, Very sorry about this thread. Just went in to the 'Downloads' section and got the latest. Now, Netflix is running fine. Feels better now that I don't have to disable it every time to watch a movie. -dognose
  5. When I am watching Netflix, An error message with MBAE shows up as an "exploit". I'm sure it's Silverlight or Netflix not really sure. I am trying to exclude it but the buttons aren't clickable. Any idea on how to exclude?
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