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  1. Same. Chrome x64 [151a7c78daafe74f3c2eb84d72901ee2].
  2. hoople

    Google DNS

    There's also namebench https://code.google.com/p/namebench/ Personally, I have and both of my ISP's DNS servers entered.
  3. Go to regional settings in control panel and change your date and time formats. No need for a ticket.
  4. You can't expect any level of security from pirated or altered Windows.
  5. hoople


    For what it's worth MBAM doesn't detect their current installer.
  6. hoople


    Looks like a Chinese cloud storage application http://yunpan.360.cn
  7. If you had Office there was quite a few updates All was quick and painless with an SSD.
  8. Perhaps make sure it works with portable versions of Opera and Firefox, Yandex, SeaMonkey, mail clients such as Thunderbird. Sorry I cannot provide executable names as I don't use these.
  9. Latest MBAE, Win 8.1 x64. Unfortunately no alerts in the log.
  10. Actually thinking about this some more it's likely Java just crashed taking MBAE with it.
  11. So this software has been doing it's thing silently on my computer for some time now. I've only had one crash and it was with Java. Don't have much to go on other than a minecraft crash log. Additionally Desire2Learn software occasionally fails to create a JVM after waking from sleep but I've not determined that it's MBAE's fault. hs_err_pid4136.log
  12. No stalkers involved in this case MaryLovesJustice. The gadget 'FeedWitter' on your blog is both not configured and not written to use https to link to twitter.
  13. youtu.be/Y5Xpzzp2gms youtu.be/e5RBQndmh9Q
  14. He's using https and the shield is chrome's way of alerting that the youtube embed is disabled because it isn't. This is normal and secure behavior and has nothing to do with any malware on your system. https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/1342714?hl=en
  15. Updated definitions, removed from quarantine and re-scanned. It works, thanks.
  16. I have this false positive at 1:06PM today after a restart, first time I've seen it. I also have an ASUS motherboard.
  17. This is why it is nice to write passwords down.
  18. http://www.youtu.be/C6APv3ZbVpg http://www.youtu.be/1_yKYHWdZ7I
  19. http://www.youtu.be/6RfFE67FDgM http://www.youtu.be/KPFAkBCizr8
  20. Yeah I did find that StackExchange post and re-enabling/rebuilding/adding AppData to the index didn't fix it. It's really a minor issue so I'm not too concerned, but the search is really quite inefficient now as it takes almost a minute for the CPU usage to go back to normal after making a selection OR canceling the search.
  21. Yes I am in agreement with you Ron as are most people on the internet. At this point it is nothing more than a halloween ghost story.
  22. My only problem with 8.1 is that the search from the start screen has been changed somehow. It says that it is set to "Everything", which is painfully slow despite having "Use Bing to search online" disabled. I do have indexing turned off, but really the only results I want to have pop up are Applications+Settings+Files and Windows 8 appeared to handle this fine. Windows Explorer jumps to 100% CPU, and I'm not sure why unless it's trying to scan my external drives.
  23. http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/10/meet-badbios-the-mysterious-mac-and-pc-malware-that-jumps-airgaps/
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