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  1. Thank you for the reply. Just a little baffled why it wont install on some machines. We are not installing it on XP or servers - just Windows 7. Jim
  2. 1PW - Thanks for the reply. The version you not in the post is the eversion we are running. We are also familiar with the Administrators guides HARDWARE requirements. We were inquiring about prerequisites (Subject was not clear - body of message was). I will look for the post to be moved and help for the corporate folks. My apologies I though it was in the right place. Thanks, Jim
  3. After testing Anti-Ransomware Beta on a handful of users we decided to take a chance and pushed it out to the whole company via Group Policy. We probably have about 180+ people with it now, but some computers it simply does not install nor does it leave much reason why when it doesn't. Are there prerequisites for it to install? Where can I find a log on the client when it wont install . Thanks, Jim
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