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  1. Windows 8.1 64 bits Hi, I have 2 questions: 1) For a pc with 3 users (admisnistrator + 1 standard + 1 guest), The scanners need only be launched from the administrator or also from each of the 3 users? 2) after the migration to Windows 8.1 I had problems with some anti-virus (not run at the same time, obviously) Are the free versions of malwarebytes already adapted toa pc with Windows 8.1 64 bites with 3 users? Many thanks
  2. Since I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Malwarebytes keeps working very well, but for Adwcleaner & Ccleaner I get very alarming messages from Windows & Mcafee and do not dare to use them anymore and I am wary of any scanning or similar. Are there any other antiwalware that I can safely use with Windows 8.1 already? error during scan - damaged system Windows 8.1 Chrome Resident Antivirus: Mcafee, which always indicates no problems I have the free version pandacloudcleaner Today operating from a standard account, not administrator acc I updated the Panda and launched a scan of the entire pc almost immediately it stopped, gave an error message and closed Panda was in C :/ programs / Panda or Windows created a folder (at the same time Panda stopped) c :/ “program” with 3 files, one is psboot.sys The files in the folder panda remained, then I uninstalled Panda using Control Panel. Windows shows a message asking me to rename the directory c :/ program, but the system does not allow it What do I do?
  3. Windows 8.1 I have deleted many deltas, mywebsearch, babylon, yontoo, webcake etc. In Hkey classes root CLSID I have a cryptic subkey with data "WebCheckWebCrawler" can it be malicious? I delete it? Thanks
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