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  1. Im a little late getting back, had some personal issues to tend too.. I did uninstall and reinstall, with the same issues. Download/installation was fine, first update and scan went fine. It is when i try to engage self protection and check the rootkit for scans in settings that my problems begin.. I have heard similar problems from others on windows 8.1 Im going to restore my system back to windows 8 and not upgrade to 8.1 and see if i get the same results..
  2. I have done this twice to confirm. I reset to fctory settings, upgrade to windows 8.1, using windows 8.1 default security, i install Mbam 2.0, no other software, and the installation is fine, the first update runs fine, the first scan also runs fine. it is when i go about the settings and try to enable self protection, that Mbam becomes unresponsive. I read in here it takes 10 to 15 seconds, and not to click anything else, so when it became unresponsive i let it sit and do it's thing.. 5 minutes later the hammster ball was still turning and my CPU waas maxing out at 100% "intel i5 3230m. It is
  3. On the first machine you experienced this, what internet security was running on it. I ran into a similiar problem on a system running Comodo Internet Security, it had auto sandboxed Mbam without warning me it did so, when the device did not function properly, and i clicked to remove it, i thought it was safe to do so, and it ended up corrupted. Thought i would mention this here, as it is similiar.. The program would not start like you described.
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