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  1. Can you get confirmation that the clients should be removed after no connection in 30 days? I'm not seeing this behavior, so perhaps I'm missing a setting. I have several machines with no contact for several months still in the Management Console.
  2. Just so this doesnt get lost in the thread I also see the following on a few machines: Managed client software was already installed. The client has not been registered. Root element is missing. (C:\ProgramData\sccomm\SCCommInfo.xml). Please also let me know the resolution for this as well.
  3. Also, I have a handful of machines reporting: Managed client software was already installed. The client has not been registered. Root element is missing. (C:\ProgramData\sccomm\SCCommInfo.xml). Please also let me know the resolution for this as well.
  4. No, they are all actually Windows 7 64-bit computers. Does the solution still apply?
  5. I've got several machines (but still a very small % overall) that have this 'execution result' when I do a scan under the Client Push Install tab. What is the remedy for this message?
  6. Is there a way to set up mbam enterprise so that the clients will auto-scan any USB device as soon as its plugged in to the PC?
  7. Thank you gonzo. How do I go about getting v1.4 of the Management Console? In the bottom left I see, or is that something else?
  8. Cleatus, I just found this... Malwarebytes Enterprise is considered "Legacy" per this page https://www.malwarebytes.org/support/releasehistory/business/ So we got that going for us, which is nice.
  9. THIS. Seriously, it's been over a year since any type of Enterprise update. Very, very disappointed with their lack of features and updates for Enterprise product.
  10. Thanks for taking a look. I'll create a ticket via the portal when I get some time. Since we have a workaround, this has been bumped pretty low for priority, but eventually I'll get to it. Not before a new version though probably. Thanks for your assistance.
  11. Interesting, I definitely cannot login using domain\username format in version 1962. We have 2008 R2 domain controllers, but our forest functional level is still 2003. Maybe this is the problem? It's not a huge deal because it works, so more of a curiosity.
  12. With the new .1962 Server version, you can no longer use domain\username format when logging. It has to be username@domain.com. Not sure if this is intentional or not.
  13. We are running We have it set to primarily download from the internet. When the MEE Service is running on the server, everything works as planned and the clients will go out to the internet to download their database updates. As soon as the MEE Service on the server is stopped, the clients will no longer go out to the internet to download updates. If you try to manually download updates from the internet it will say the it succeeded and the client is up to date, however, it will not pull the current version. Its almost like the client has to check in with the server before it will go out on net and download updates. This also means that clients that take their computer home will not be able to get updates unless they connect to VPN, which some do not do every day.
  14. Even though our policy is set to have machines download from the internet, as soon as the MEE Server goes offline, the clients do not update signatures from the internet. While I understand they cannot get policy because the server is down, they should at least be able to continue to get database updates to remain current until the server goes back online. If this is by design, please fix in later update.
  15. I too was very frustrated by a lack of version change even though a component of the software changed. If we could just upgrade the changed component, then that would make sense, but the given the only way to update the changed component is by updated the whole client I just don't understand how the version number could stay the same. Anyways, the way we got around this when deploying via SCCM 2012 is to change the detection method to look for the version number of the SC.Common.dll to be greater or equal to Once we did this and updated the files with the "new" client package, we were all set.
  16. We have this exact same issue and currently workaround this by having all of the machines pull their updates from the internet instead of the server housed in our datacenter. Also, mbam's 'workaround' (which is not viable for an enterprise level product) does not resolve the issue at all after testing this out in our environment, as the update timer starts when the machine comes online. If the timer setting was 17 minutes AFTER THE HOUR etc.. instead of just 17 minutes, then it may have a chance, however machines come online at different times throughout the day so the spacing means nothing and the WAN still gets killed. Looking forward to a future update where distributed repositories are supported like in McAfee Epolicy Orchestrator.
  17. I've experienced this with mbam support so far... lots of contradictions between techs. Seems they have no universal knowledge base to support their clients.
  18. Malwarebytes Support ticket #372966 for reference
  19. I was told to use my 'original download email' to download the newest version of the console, however, that email is over a month old and it expires after 20 days. I've sent 4 replies to my support ticket asking for the URL, as it does not exist in this forum either. Please provide me with the URL to download as we'd really like to use the new version with its key features.
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